Dominican National Parks Offer Pristine Locations for Camping Enthusiasts

The country’s national parks, including some that include some of the region’s most beautiful and unspoiled beaches, is the perfect destination for the visitor who wants to get away from it all, including some of the country’s top-rated resorts. Visitors have a wide range of parks from which to choose suitable campsites, all depending on the needs and tastes of the visitor.

Camping is one of the most exciting alternatives available to national and international visitors who want to visit some of the country’s most pristine regions.

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The following are some of the country’s most important and beautiful national parks:


The “Valle Nuevo” National Park is situated at the very center of the Dominican Republic. The views from the access roads that lead to the valley are simply spectacular. Situated some 2,000 meters above sea level, the region enjoys mild temperatures year round that during the winter can actually drop to 0 degrees (Celsius).

The camping site is area is very wide, and is supervised by an excellent team of trained forest rangers.

The guardhouse also features rooms for visitors who prefer to sleep indoors, and are equipped with adequate bathrooms.

Just a few minutes from the camp site area visitors can enjoy a good swim in a crystal-clear stream. The hiking and mountain biking trails are absolutely beautiful, and offer breathtaking views of the nearby woods and mountain areas.


This national park is situated in the country’s north/central region. The park is known for its excellent forest of ancient trees.

Some of the trees found in this scientific reserve are some of the oldest on the island.

Access to the Reserve is done through the new Samana Highway, which runs north/south/north through the very center of the country. Once in the north coast, visitors will travel to the town of Nagua. Once there, visitors must leave their cars and walk for approximately 40 minutes.

The reserve has a good Visitor’s Center, featuring several rooms, individual bathrooms, a dining room and a very nice camping area. Perhaps the main attraction at the reserve is the Helechal River, where visitors can take refreshing swims in crystal-clear waters or enjoy splashing in the nearby waterfalls. The place is truly unforgettable. The on-site rangers will prepare the most delicious Dominican dishes on wooden stoves.


This park, situated 1.5 hours north of Santo Domingo is the perfect place where visitors can actually sleep under the stars, just steps away from the Hatillo Dam, one of the country’s most important dams.

The park is also home to some of the country’s most important caves, where they will be able to see first-hand cave paintings made by the native Tainos thousands of years ago.

This national park has an excellent monitoring center, bathrooms and its camping site is situated near the beautiful lake created by the dam.


This valley, which literally means the Valley of the Milk Bottle, is situated at the Armando Bermudez National Park in the country’s central mountain region, the highest in the Caribbean. Although reaching the valley will require a six to seven hour walk, once there visitors always state that the long hike was well worth it because of the region’s incredible beauty.


This beach, situated in the country’s north coast Samana Province, is one of the world’s 10 most beautiful beaches.

Getting to the beach is easy by local boats or by four-wheel drive vehicles.

This perfect white sand pristine beach is surrounded by the most exuberant tropical vegetation. The beach itself is lined by thousands of coconut trees, very common in the country’s north coast. On the beach there are several kiosks run by local fishermen where you can eat fresh seafood at incredible prices.

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