Barahona: A True Treasure to Be Discovered in the Country’s Southwest Region

The winding orchard, situated halfway between the sky and the sea, colorfully outlines the nearby mountains as well as impressive rugged shoreline and nearby beaches.

The city of Barahona, situated in the country’s southwest region, nestled between the nearby mountains and the Caribbean Sea, is a very special corner of the Dominican Republic that begs to be discovered by the adventurous tourist.

The southwest region’s coastal highway will take the visitor to various communities, as well as through coffee plantations, the old red bridge that leads to the local communities of “Paraiso” and “San Rafael.”

The winding coastal highway will also take the tourists to some of the most important Larimar mines, a blue stone found only in the Dominican Republic and to some of the country’s most beautiful beaches.

The southwest city of Barahona, with its surrounding lush green mountains and majestic Caribbean Sea, is a wonderful place to discover while traveling to the Dominican Republic.

Accommodations in Barahona

Casa Bonita Tropical Lodge

Inspired by the exquisite taste of the Schiffino family, the owners of “Casa Bonita,” the small resort brings together the shapes, spaces, elegance, service and privacy required.

Renowned architect Rafael Selman was the mastermind behind the latest modifications made to the resort, originally built 30 years as a quiet, out-of-the-way, destination for that very special guest looking for total peace and comfort. Today, “Casa Bonita Tropical Lodge” has been recognized internationally, specifically by the American magazine Condé Nast Traveler which, in 2014, named it the ‘Best Hotel in the Caribbean.”

An additional four rooms are being added to the facility’s 12 rooms in order to meet the Lodge’s growing demand by national and international tourist. Most importantly, the Lodge administration has maintained its concept of exclusivity. Today, “Casa Bonita” is a full-fledged member of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World, the exclusive brand that brings together unique luxury hotels throughout the world.

The rooms are built with wood from nearby palm trees, thus blending the architecture and design right into the surrounding mountain range and the Caribbean Sea.

Its infinity pool brings together the Caribbean Sea and the tropical sky.

The swimming pool is situated in the garden. It is the perfect spot where guests come together to enjoy one of the most stunning sunsets they will ever experience, while at the same time enjoying a delicious seafood dinner and fresh-grown garden vegetables.

The “Tanama” Eco Spa (the word “Tanama” means a refuge of butterflies in the language of the Tainos, the island’s original inhabitants) is an oasis that invites for total relaxation. The spa is built with natural native materials and has become a haven for health and wellness, evoking the pre-Hispanic traditions in their therapeutic techniques. The spa has introduced local products such as chocolate, citrus and coffee in many of its beauty and health therapies. For more information:

Casa del Mar Lodge

Manuel Alberti, an Italian businessman, launched this project in June 2014 and, in less than one year, the “Casa del Mar Lodge” has become the favorite destination in the region receiving 8.9 ratings out of 10.

The facility provides guests with incredibly beautiful seaside views from their rooms.

The deep blue sea, rugged cliffs and the lush tropical vegetation all come together to provide one of the most beautiful natural spectacles in the Dominican Republic.

Situated some 14 kilometers from the southwest city of Barahona, the lodge features 16 rooms distributed on four villas, a comfortable guest house which allows guests to rent only one room, an apartment or the entire villa.

All the facilities are beautifully decorated, and all overlook the nearby beach.

The nearby beaches are excellent for surfing, even though the overall environment encourages peaceful meditation. The lodge also coordinates tours, as well as multi-adventure and sports activities.

“Casa del Mar” restaurant features a menu basically based on fresh seafood and pasta.

The hotel provides the perfect balance between Dominican and Italian culinary traditions. For more information, please call 1-829-330-3395.

“Hotel Playa Azul”

Karen Teo and her husband, a couple from southern France, settled in the area more than 10 years ago and currently run this family-oriented 20-room hotel.

The facility is built on five thousand square meters of land and features a private beach, a large swimming pool and its own heliport. The restaurant also brings together the best of Dominican and French culinary traditions. For further information, please call 1-809-424-5375.

Bars and Restaurants

Snack Cana

This off-the-beaten path bar/restaurant opened its doors in January 2015, offering truly stunning views of a nearby valley. The house specialties are the Blue Margarita.

Tel. (849) 252-2594

Maria Montez

The Maria Montez Restaurant is Barahona’s most important restaurant. Named after the famed Dominican Hollywood movie star, famous in the 1940s, the restaurant first opened eight years ago. The quality of its menu is well known throughout the region.

Tel. (809) 524-5122

Brisas del Caribe

This is Barahona’s oldest seafood restaurant, and its specialty is the Lobster Paella.

Tel. (809) 524-2794


The Larimar is a semiprecious blue and blue-green stone, which is only found in the mountains that surround the city of Barahona. Local artisans are known for the beautiful jewelry they make with this unique stone.

The Dominican government recently opened the “Larimar School,” situated some 15 minutes from downtown Barahona. The school gives tours to national and international visitors who want to learn more about the Larimar.

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