A Very Special Tour to One of the World’s Finest Tobacco Factories

The “La Aurora” factory offers visitors its very own World Cigar Tour through its facilities in the city of Santiago, situated 1.5 hours from the north coast city of Puerto Plata.

The “La Aurora” factory is one of the oldest in the country. Because of its top-quality tobacco and quality, Santiago is known as the Cigar Capital of the World. The factory currently features a museum that will take the visitor through a visual tour of the region, as well as the entire process that goes into the creation of a top-quality tobacco. This museum is one of the city’s most important tourist attractions.

In 2015 the tobacco factory was awarded a Certificate of Excellence by the popular international travel website TripAdvisor, who overwhelmingly agreed that the “La Aurora” factory tour is Santiago’s most interesting and popular attractions.

The province of Santiago, situated in the very heart of the Dominican Republic, is considered to be the “Cigar Capital of the World.” Currently, eleven of the best cigars in the world are manufactured in Santiago, the Dominican Republic’s second largest city.

Santiago is also home to one of the region’s most important cigar festivals

The “Procigar Festival” brings together the most demanding national and international tobacco connoisseurs, as well as representatives from the world’s leading tobacco companies.

“La Aurora” brand is part of the Leon Jimenes company, which for three generations has developed and strengthened the country’s cigar and tobacco industry. The company markets various successful brands, such as the “Aurora Preferidos,” the “Puro Vintage,” the Premium Leon Jimenes and “Principe” brand.

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