HODELPA Hotel Chain Opens Wellness Center in its Facility in Santiago

The local hotel chain recently opened a Wellness Center at its Hodelpa Garden Court facility in Santiago, the country’s second largest city.

The Center will provide special services to guests who require special medical attention during their stay at the hotel, either because they are undergoing medical procedures or because they require special care because of physical limitations.

The hotel has designated 12 rooms for these special guests, and is equipped to provide exclusive and individual services to guests with special medical needs.

The rooms include the necessary furnishing and equipment needed in a regular hospital room, but designed with all the comforts of a hotel suite.

In-house medical personnel will follow-up on the patients required treatment and recovery.

The dietary demands of the patient-guest are also taken very seriously. The special diets required by patients will be prepared by the medical staff, and prepared by the hotel’s professional chefs.

For more privacy, there is a private entrance that is used by guests who demand total privacy when entering the facility.

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