Flights from Punta Cana to the U.S. will be considered domestic

Punta Cana’s international airport will soon become a member of a very small group of international airports that can check and clear passengers traveling from the terminal to the U.S.

The terminal, situated on the Dominican Republic’s easternmost region, will be able to do U.S. customs and immigration proceedings right at the Dominican terminal, thus avoiding the long lines at U.S. airports.

Last year the airport received some 1.1 million passengers coming in from the United States. Currently, 15 international airports in the world have been included in this program.

No date has been given as to when the program will officially begin in the Dominican Republic.

Nine other international airports in the following eight countries were chosen by the U.S. authorities to participate in this innovative program: Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, England and Japan.

During 2014 some 20 million passengers from these countries visited the United States. Six percent of this total number came from Punta Cana’s international airport.

The fact that the U.S. government will share its airport security system with the country is excellent news for the Dominican Republic, and for its dynamic tourism industry, because it will strengthen its international image as a safe destination for travelers, businesses and investors.

The pre-inspection system will make all flights between Punta Cana and U.S. airports domestic flights. The system will facilitate travel between Punta Cana’s international airport and 65 U.S. cities whose airports do not handle international flights.

Punta Cana’s International Airport: On List of Top Ten Airports in Latin America and the Caribbean

The airport is now included on the list of the top 10 airports in Latin America and the Caribbean. In 2014 the airport received more than 2.9 million passengers, of which 1.1 million (39%) were U.S. residents. In total, during 2014 Dominican airports received 5.6 million passengers.

Airports Now Offering Pre-Inspection Facilities

There are currently 15 international airports offering pre-inspection facilities in six countries: Aruba, Canada, Bahamas, Bermuda, United Arab Emirates and Ireland.

An additional 10 airports in nine countries (Belgium, the Dominican Republic, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, England and Japan) are currently negotiating pre-inspection facilities with the U.S. authorities.

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