Five Reasons to Live or Invest in the Dominican Republic

The Huffington Post, the U.S. online daily, recently placed the Dominican Republic in third place on the list of the five best places to live, retire or invest.

The daily reveals that the Dominican Republic offers tremendous advantages when it comes to cost of living, overall services and proximity to the U.S., as well as a fast-growing infrastructure.

The country also facilitates residence permits and offers important tax incentives for investment and business.

According to the daily, the following are five solid reasons why the international community should become interested in the facilities the Dominican Republic provides future retirees or investors:

  1. The cost of living, says the daily, is one of the lowest in the Caribbean region. “A person could live comfortably with a budget of US$1,200 per month, but a US$2,000 budget could provide much more entertainment and additional services, such as domestic help.” It also highlights the low cost of housing. “The cost of living in the country is a bargain compared to other places in the Caribbean. You can buy an apartment for approximately US$100,000. “
  2. The country offers amenities and services like no other country in the Caribbean. “White sandy beaches, swaying palm trees, warm turquoise waters and a shining sun throughout the year, are the qualities that represent the Dominican Republic. Its beauty is hard to find in other places in the Caribbean,” says the story. The Huffington Post also highlights the hospitality of Dominicans, a country where no one feels foreign, and specifically mentions the north coast community of “Las Terrenas,” in Samana Province, where a “foreigner is warmly welcomed by both national and international residents.” The article also indicates that international transportation to the United States is excellent, as well as the purchase of well-known international products and brands.
  3. The article mentions the impressive development of the country’s overall infrastructure, including its top-quality airports, new highways and roadways that have made travel between the capital city and other regions much easier.
  4. Purchasing a retirement residence is made easy because of government incentives to international retirees. “Anyone interested in residing in the Dominican Republic only needs to proof that he/she receives a monthly pension of US$1,500 (plus US$250 for an additional person) can quality for temporary residence in only 45 days.”
  5. The country offers international investors and/or retirees generous tax incentives. “The Dominican Republic is one of the best places in the Caribbean region to do business,” reveals the Huffington Post. The country’s tax incentives are a good reason to live, retire or invest in the Dominican Republic, says the online daily.

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