Arrival of International Tourists to the D.R. Continues Upward Trend

The number of international tourists visiting the Dominican Republic grew by six percent during the January-June 2015 period.

In total, some 2.5 million tourists entered the country through its various international airports and ports, some 143,100 more than during the same time period in 2014. The majority of visiting tourists came from the United States, Canada, France and Germany.

The South American market also experienced a positive 19% growth. These numbers confirm that the Dominican Republic has become an attractive destination for international travelers.

U.S. Tourists Lead the Way

The number of U.S. tourists visiting the country registered 1.5 million, a 9.7% increase in comparison to last year’s numbers. Canadian tourists registered a 3.5% increase.

Tourists coming in from U.S. airports accounted for 42.9% of all arrivals, while the number of Canadian tourists jumped by 19.2%.

More South Americans Discovering the Beauty of the Dominican Republic

The South American market also registered a healthy 18.9% increase during the first semester of 2015.

The number of Brazilian tourists visiting the D.R. jumped by 29% (68,300); Venezuela by 34% (51,600); Argentina by 16% (74,900); Colombia by 17% (27,700); Chile with 6.2% (44,500) and Peru, with 15% (17,300).

During January-June of this year the number of South American tourists traveling to the Dominican Republic registered at 309,609. That number during the same time last year was 260,521.

The European Market Also Experienced Steady Growth

The number of visitors from Europe (551,100) accounted for 21.9% of the total number of tourists visiting the country through local international airports. Spain contributed with the largest number of incoming tourists from Europe (13,418).

The following tourist arrivals indicate where the majority of the visitors were coming from: England: 65,500 (an increase of 10,739 visitors, representing a 20% overall growth in numbers); Germany: (124,700 arrivals, an increase of 6,216, or a five percent growth; France: 128,600 (2,983 more, for a two percent growth); Spain (72,500, a solid 23% growth); Italy (42,800, for a four percent increase over previous arrivals).

Punta Cana: By Far the Most Popular Destination

Punta Cana’s international airport, situated in the country’s popular eastern region, received 66.8% of all tourists traveling to the Dominican Republic during the first semester of 2015.

This number represents a seven percent growth, or 113,454 new visitors.

Other major international airports in the D.R., in order of importance: Las Americas International Airport (417,579 visitors, or 16.6% of all international arrivals); Puerto Plata (226,000, or nine percent of all arrivals); Santiago International Airport (98,500, or 3.9%); and La Romana (55,600, or 2.2%).

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