A True paradise for spectacular hang gliding

To be caressed by the wind, while flying at an altitude of one thousand meters, is an exciting activity for those who dare to push their adrenaline levels way up by taking a ride on a hang glider.

This exciting adventure begins once the visitor reaches the mountain town of Constanza, on the country’s central region.

The Constanza valley is known for its mild temperatures, beautiful pine forests, and impressive fields of flowers.

Throughout the valley and nearby mountains, many reachable only on all-terrain vehicles, the visitor will marvel at the beautiful flower and vegetable plantations found throughout the region.

It is precisely on these mountain tops where some of the region’s best hang gliding activities take place.

Experienced guides will provide all the necessary information and support for the exciting tandem ride.

Both will become active accomplices once on the glider, enjoying the delicate breeze and the breathtaking beauty of the valley and surrounding mountains that lie before them.

Hang Gliding Tours

The “Flying Sky” tour company offers all the necessary training and security to enjoy a hang gliding tour on the mountains of Constanza.

For more information, please call: 829-559-5283.

By Amada Herrera

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