Tourist Arrivals to the D.R. Grows by 5.5% During January – April 2015

The United States and Canada continue to be key markets for the Dominican tourism industry.

In April of this year, 410,000 tourists visited the Dominican Republic through the country’s airport terminals.

The region contributed with 258,000 visitors, or 63% of the total number registered. The growth in various South American countries has contributed to these very positive numbers.

Although the number of Russian tourists has dropped, the number of visitors from the rest of Europe continues to growth.

In April, the growth registered was 4.3%, which represented some 16,700 additional tourists traveling to the country.

In total, during the January-April period some 1.7 million vacationers visited the Dominican Republic, an increase of 92, 600 tourists in comparison to last year’s numbers.

During the first quarter of the year, the number of travelers from the United States and Canada together peaked at 1.8 million: 659,000 from the U.S. and 411,000 from Canada.

During April, Europe came in second with 91,800 tourists, representing 22% of the overall total. The number of European travelers has dropped during to a drastic fall in the number of Russian tourists during the month of April, registered at 80%. During the first quarter of 2015, the overall drop was 67%.

During April the number of South American travelers registered 46,470 visitors, an additional 7,183 tourists over the same time period last year. From January to April, 201,700 South American tourists came in through Dominican airports, representing 12% of the overall number of visitors traveling to the country.

For example, during the month of April alone 12,700 tourists from Argentina traveled to the country, representing a 30% increase; 10,900 from Brazil (22% increase) and 11,100 from Venezuela (11.1% increase). During the first quarter the Argentine market grew by 16%, Brazil an impressive 53%, and a 51% increase from Venezuela.

Russian Impact

It is important to highlight that the European market, excluding the drop in the number of Russian tourists, shows signs of true recovery.

The annual growth rate of European tourists to the country in April 2015, excluding Russia, was 2.5% instead of -11%, while the accumulated growth during the first quarter of 2015 reached 6.1%, instead of -8%.

At the same time the flow of foreign non-residents reflects a growth of 9.5% during the January- April period, rather than the 5.6% projected.

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