The World’s Largest Turtle Is nesting in the Bay of Eagles, on the Dominican Republic’s Southwest Region

The world’s largest leatherback turtle (Dermochelys Coriacea) is currently nesting at the Jaragua National Park, and is expected to remain in the area until August.

The turtle can measure up to two meters in length and weigh almost half a ton.

Each year approximately a dozen of these fascinating marine creatures travel to this beautiful and remote region to lay their eggs.

The Bay of Eagles is home to one of the country’s most beautiful unspoiled beaches, and has one of the best preserved coral reefs in the Caribbean.

The WWW.ACCESSDR.COM team visited the area and observed, first-hand, this incredible experience.

The leatherback is the world’s largest sea turtle. It regularly nests on the sandy beaches of the Dominican Republic’s north coast, on the National Park of the East and the Jaragua National Park, by far the most important nesting site.

Experts of the ecological Jaragua Group, which continuously monitor the different species that travel to the country, have recorded this year alone 23 sea turtle nests in the Bay of Eagles.

Travelers to the border-region town of Pedernales, situated some 15 minutes from the Bay of Eagles, can visit the area accompanied by park rangers.

The Leatherback turtle nests between 3-8 times, during 7-14 days, between February and August.

In each spawning it lays about 100 eggs and those closest to the surface are actually false eggs, to throw off predators. The eggs hatch some 60 days after spawning.

The Jaragua Group is a nonprofit organization founded in 1987 to monitor and protect the Jaragua National Park.

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