“Educational Trail of the Tainos” in Santo Domingo’s Botanical Garden

The Berlin Botanical Gardens and Museum are sponsoring the construction of a nature trail in Santo Domingo’s Botanical Gardens.

The educational trail will highlight the evolution of Dominican flora since the time of the Tainos, the original inhabitants of the island.

The 1.5 kilometer educational trail will provide national and international visitors with the possibility of fully enjoying the beautiful and diverse flora along the path. The physically disabled will also have access to the area.

During the tour visitors will receive information on the evolution of coffee, cocoa, sugarcane, rice, corn, and other local fruits, all present on the island during from the time of the Tainos.

The tour also highlights the introduction of other fruits and vegetables to the island after the arrival of the Europeans, such as mango, coconut, avocado, orange and other citrus variations.

The educational trail will be funded by the Educational Path Foundation, headed by Karsten Windeler, Jurgen Hoppe, Juan Tomas Tavares and Frank Moya Pons. All, along with Ricardo Garcia – the director of the Botanical Gardens – participated in the groundbreaking ceremony that launched the educational project.

A cooperative agreement to see the project through was signed by the directors of the Dominican Botanical Garden and the Berlin Botanical Garden and Museum.

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