The Secrets of Banica

The village of Banica is a distant community situated along the Dominican Republic/Haiti border. Far away from the island’s bustling cities, this community – situated in a desert-like region – makes it one of the country’s best kept secrets. However, the town of Banica has much to offer the nature-loving visitor. The village of Banica was founded in 1504 and currently features an 18th century colonial church and a colonial sun dial which dates back to 1795.

Guests can visit the Hills of San Francisco, a protected area that is home to the Cave of San Francisco. The cave has become a place of pilgrimage in modern times, although it was also used for special religious ceremonies by the native population well before the Europeans arrived.

Not far from the village is the Haitian border, marked by the Artibonite River. The region features tropical surroundings, a true oasis in the midst of the overall arid landscape. A cool dip in the crystal-clear waters of the river is always welcome by visitors to the area.

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By Adolfo Lopez
Environmental Consultant

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