Novel tour allows you to interact with squirrel monkeys

PUNTA CANA.- A tour that has as one of its main attractions the interaction of the participants with the small and sociable squirrel monkeys, introduced in the local tourist market by the renowned company of land excursions Runners Adventures.

The tour is called “MonkeyLand Half Day Safari” and aims to introduce the participants to the mountainous area of the River Anamuya, next to Punta Cana, where they will get to know the plantations of the main items produced in the country, taste fresh tropical fruits, visit a typical Dominican house and drink coffee or chocolate made in an artisanal way.

The journey also includes getting on the longest zipline in the Caribbean, with 18 platforms, a botanical garden and other entertainments. The interaction with the squirrel monkeys or clown monkeys or soldier monkey, as their called in the Amazon region where they originate, constitutes for adults and children a thrilling experience because of the great sociability of these primates.

These monkeys are ¨charming and intelligent trained by a couple with 35 years of experience working with animals. They have become totally trusting to human contact and descend from the trees to sit on the shoulder of their visitors, eating from their hands and posing for photographs”, the company said.

These monkeys are fed fruit and small insects and are characterized by their non prehensile long tails. They have short hair with gray, gold and black streaks; white ears, black muzzle and a blackish white facial mask with a gothic arch above the eyes.

The Journey

The tour offers a guided tour of 45 minutes with the opportunity “to feed and interact in close proximity with our beautiful and charming squirrel monkeys in a natural environment that offers spectacular views of the field”, promises Runners Adventures.

The monkey enclosure measures 5 hectares in a wooded area that the small animals have made their home. Between the mountains and tropical forests in Punta Cana, is the only Zip Line of the country, with 18 platforms and 12 double cables. The longest line is 800 meters long and is the sole ¨Side by Side¨ double cable line in the region, in which the visitors can share their journey above the jungle vegetation next to their companion.
This structure is located on the Anamuya Mountain and extends along a lush mountain range, which was constructed by one of the most experienced Costa Rican Zipline Circuit Builder and certified by the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT).

Runners Adventures is one of the leading companies in sightseeing tours in the country and includes cultural components of the areas where they are located. They have available excursions in Punta Cana, Puerto Plata, La Romana and Samana.

On the North Coast, Runners Adventures offers a similar tour in the community of Guzmancito, Puerto Plata, where you have the possibility to observe the squirrel monkeys and ride the Ziplines. They also have a historial tour to the Bahia de Maimon, which is currently under construction of a modern cruise ship terminal.

In Bayahibe, Runners Adventures offers a visit to Bayaguana, in the province of Monte Plata, this excursion offers a city tour of the historic capital city. The company also offers an excursion under the name of ¨Bayahibe Runners¨, where there is the opportunity to learn about the trapiche and how it was used to process sugar cane and convert it into our delicious Dominican rum. The tour includes a tour of the Basilica La Altagracia, ¨the most important church in our country¨, indicates Runners Adventures.

Also in the province of Samana, Runners Adventures offers a program that includes ziplining, with the longest being 450 meters long with breathtaking views Cayo Levantado Isle, the Haitisis National Park and the lush tropical vegetation of region Jane Vicenta. This destination also includes journeys that have horsebackrdiing up to the spectacular Limon Waterfall and visits to Rincon Beach, voted amongst the 10 most beautiful beach of the world.

The company announced earlier this year the creation of a charitable foundation through which they will operate a school for artisans and languages free of charge for the children of the community.
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