Lift Air Group: DR emerges as regional Trade Hub

The Dominican Republic is at a crucial stage to develop its potential in becoming a strategic regional commercial airline hub, not only because of its privileged geographical position but also because of the recent and steady recovery of the U.S. and European Union economy, which has encouraged new tourism investments in the country and the region.

Ryan Polanco, president of Air Lift Group, understands the current situation is a great opportunity for the Dominican Republic to become an international air traffic hub, specifically because of the sound position of its dynamic tourism sector, air traffic imports, and the jump in some of the country’s most important agricultural, cigars and free-trade zone products, among others.

Mr. Polanco also explained that the creation of a regional hub for tourists and air cargo transportation is one of the initiatives the Lift Air Group is encouraging among the various lines it represents, including wide-body aircraft that travel to the Dominican Republic from North and South America and which are natural transfer bridges.

“We are focused on bringing in cargo from South America and transferring the merchandise on board aircraft route to Europe, Russia, the Middle East, and vice versa. In the last five years we have moved more than 10 million kilos of air cargo, and this number could easily double if we facilitate the free movement of goods in transit at competitive rates,” explained Polanco.

According to the executive, global tourism is picking up again. “This growth is reflected in the confidence of tourism entrepreneurs who are making investments in the construction of new hotel rooms and in the signing of new bilateral agreements with countries interested in the Dominican Republic.”

And added: “We have seen how countries such as the United Arab Emirates and Turkey have shown interest in the Dominican Republic, opening the door to new tourism and trade possibilities for our country and the region. This is the right time for the public and private sectors to come together to develop a regional air hub in the Dominican Republic.”

Polanco also said that various airlines operating in the country are currently undergoing a certification process and providing transportation to international destinations, alongside traditional airlines that continue to increase the number of scheduled flights to the Dominican Republic as well as upgrading existing routes.  All these factors suggest major confidence in local routes for air cargo imports, and the growth in the country’s export sector with products such as cigars, perishables and free-trade zone finished goods, among others.


About Lift Air Group

Founded in 2010, Lift Air Group is a commercial air service company committed to the development of civil aviation in the region and working to expand to the greater Caribbean. The company currently represents major firms in the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, and is supported by a team of professionals who are trained and have accumulated more than 22 years of experience in the international aviation sector.

Its service portfolio includes: Operational flight supervision; handling of cargo and passenger services; marketing and sales of cargo and passengers; legal assessment and permits management; claims and airport security services.

The company also specializes in strategic financial planning, development of air and navigation routes, and the creation of regional air commercial traffic.

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