Half-Day Tour to See Squirrel Monkeys in Punta Cana Wildlife Reserve

Punta Cana’s newest attraction is the “Monley Half-Day Safari,” a half-day visit to the nearby mountains to see, up close and personal, the squirrel monkeys. The tour is organized by Runners Adventures, one of the leading tour companies in the Dominican Republic.

The trip to the wooded mountains found along the Anamuya River, in near proximity to Punta Cana’s hotel circuit, includes a visit to the home of a local farmer, a walk through a medicinal, flower and local fruit garden, a coffee and cocoa plantation, and the opportunity to interact with the squirrel monkeys, trained to interact with humans.

The tour begins with a visit to the home of a local farmer, to learn more about their way of life, the organic products they grow, enjoy a tasting of tropical fruits and drink freshly toasted coffee or cocoa that has been hand-processed.

The next stop is to visit a nearby botanical garden, to learn more about native plants and flowers. Finally, special tour guides will take the visitors to the area where the squirrel monkeys live. All the monkeys have been trained by a Canadian couple with 35-years’ experience working with animals, including 12 years at the Toronto Zoo, teaching monkeys to trust and enjoy the company of humans.

The monkeys live in ​​a special five-hectare area that they know as home, and where they are accustomed to come in contact with humans. The monkeys will come down from the trees to play with the visitors and even pose for pictures.

The tour is offered daily from most Punta Cana hotels. For more information, please visit: www.runnersadventures.com.

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