A Visit to Paradise: The Off-the-Beaten Path “Las Galeras” Beach

A visit to “Las Galeras” beach, on the northeast coast of the Dominican Republic, is an opportunity to enjoy nature in its purest form.

The beach is today one of the country’s most beautiful unspoiled beaches.

At the Grand Paradise Samana, managed by the Ahmsa Marina chain of hotels, tour groups (both individual and group) are organized to provide guests with the opportunity of enjoying some of the north coast’s most breathtaking beaches.

Visitors on the tours will discover small, breathtakingly beautiful and very private beaches.

Most of the tours are organized on safe modern boats, since many of the beaches are difficult to reach by land. The tours are an excellent option for groups, families, or couples.

Off to a Good Start

The beach of the ​​Grand Paradise Samana is, by far, one of the most beautiful in the region.

A distinct line of coconut trees provide the best shade for the white-sand carpet that lines the beach.

Its clear-blue waters make it the idea spot for excellent snorkeling.

In the slightly deeper waters snorkelers will marvel at what is truly a natural aquarium down below.

The hotel’s beach is known as “Playa Grande” and it is from the beach that the boat tours depart. Some tours may include food, snacks and beverages.

Nearby Beaches

Tours starting at the Grand Paradise Samana will begin by heading northwest towards the exceptional “Rincon Beach.” But, there are other beaches to visit during the tour, such as:

“LA PLAYITA:” This peaceful beach is a natural oasis, perfect for the nature lover interested in the region’s diverse marine wildlife.

“LOS CALETONES:” Situated very close to “La Playita.” Near the shore the water is of a rich turquoise color, which contrasts with the intense blue waters of the ocean.

“PLAYA DEL AMOR:” This particular beach is known for its lush tropical vegetation. Because of its small intimate setting, the beach is known as “The Beach of Love.”

“PLAYA COLORA:” The name of this beach comes from the remarkable slightly orange color of its sand. The area is noted for its clear waters and beautiful ocean views. A nearby hill offers visitors spectacular views of the surrounding area. The spectacular features of this region have become an attraction for developers of small hotels and private villas. Famed Colombian pop singer Shakira once owned a villa in the area.

“PLAYA NIÑINGO:” Known for its perfect white sand and crystal clear waters. The beach is perfect for those looking for a quiet stay in the perfect tropical beach.

“MARIANITO:” This small cove, about 60 meters long, is the perfect choice for visitors looking for a cool ocean swim in an intimate and relaxed setting.

“EL PREMAN:” This 300-meter long beach is also perfect, known for its crystal-clear waters and fine white sand.

Other Beaches

Other tours leaving from the Grand Paradise Samana will take visitors to beaches situated on the region’s northeast region. All are absolutely breathtaking, and much more isolated because it is difficult to reach them by land.


After passing “El Preman” beach, visitors will find “Rincon Beach,” a one-thousand meter long white-sand beach that stretches all the way to the nearby bay. It is the region’s largest beach, and it is easily accessible by land and water.

Once there, visitors will feel that they have entered into an exceptionally beautiful tropical oasis. At one end of the beach, known as “Caño Frio” (Cold Water Spout), visitors can enjoy a cool and refreshing swim where a nearby fresh-water river ends up at the ocean.

In the nearby mangrove-lined canals, there are kayak tours.

One of the tours will take visitors to the place where fresh-water springs originate in the nearby mountains.

Finally, a strip of soft white sand separates the cool spring waters from the ocean.

Snorkeling in this area is spectacular because of the unparalleled transparency of the water.

By Annia Durán
Photos: Maximo Zorrilla

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