Ocoa Bay: one of the country’s most exotic destinations

The Bay of Ocoa, situated on the country’s southwest region, has entered the international map of wine production.

The region is home to international-quality grapes fit for the production of an ever-growing local wine industry.

The project also offers its national and international visitors quaint villas for sale, surrounded by local vineyards, a boutique hotel, a clubhouse and many other facilities.

Ocoa Bay is proof that miracles do happen. The project developers decided not to listen to the negative advice given by those who considered the project to be an “impossible” dream.

Today, Ocoa Bay is a thriving agricultural-tourism project that features villas surrounded by their own private vineyards, a boutique hotel, clubhouse and other facilities.

The Ocoa Bay project, situated on the country’s southwest region, approximately 1.5 hours west of the capital city of Santo Domingo, provides national and international wine lovers with an innovative destination that blends the best of the world of tourism and wines.

Architect and developer Gabriel Acevedo, with the support of his family and investors, has turned the eco-friendly project into a low-density residential resort that is unique in the Dominican Republic and the region.

Good White and Red Wines

The production of quality white and red quality wines in the Ocoa Bay project has been certified by Dr. Luis Vicente Elias Pastor, winner of the 2014 Wine Literature World Award, presented at the Brussels International Wine Fair.

Dr. Elias Pastor is a Spanish anthropologist, winemaker, writer and chronicler of international wines and vineyards, with more than thirty books published on the subject.

Gabriel Acevedo has created a new chapter in the region’s wine industry, and it is all summarized under the name Ocoa Bay.

Ocoa Bay

  • Comprised of an area of ​​141,750 square meters
  • 400 meters of beach
  • First residential resort vineyard in the Caribbean
  • Offers three wine brands of international quality
  • Includes agricultural and agro-industrial production
  • Educational and social programs
  • Local residents involved in production for resort consumption

Text: Jose Rafael Sosa

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