Authorities Inaugurate Sacred Museum in Historic City of La Vega

The city of La Vega, situated 1.5 hours north of Santo Domingo is known for its important Catholic shrines and churches.

La Vega is home to the “Santo Cerro” (Holy Hill), an important pilgrimage site for Dominican Catholics. On the hill is the first convent built in the Americas by the Order of Mercy, in 1527.

The Sacred Museum is now part of the Path of Faith, home to some of the country’s most important Catholic churches and shrines.

The “Santo Cerro” is situated on the outskirts of this important central region city, on top of a nearby hill that overlooks the beautiful “La Vega Valley”.

On the hill there is a shrine, built in 1880, built by the Sisters of Charity religious order.

Worshippers flock to the region on September 24, the date when Dominican Catholics honor the Virgin of Mercy which, according to the Catholic Church, is the Protector of the Dominican Republic.

Standing next to the church is the Light of the World Monument, a 13-meter high cross that stands on a nearby hill.

Thousands of pilgrims and worshippers visit the “Santo Cerro” each year where, according to legend, the Virgin appeared during an armed confrontation between the Spanish conquerors and the ancient Tainos, the original inhabitants of the island.

The newly opened Sacred Museum, located opposite the La Vega Cathedral, is sponsored by the Ministry of Tourism.

Architect Ariosto Montesano designed the museum, under the supervision of Maribel Villalona, head of the Ministry’s Department of Planning and Projects.

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