Reconstruction of Puerto Plata’s Historic Center Changes the Profile of the Country’s

The work being carried out by the Ministry of Tourism’s Planning Department in the historic center of Puerto Plata will change the city’s overall profile.

This will be the city’s second major overhaul in the past four decades when, in the seventies, the north coast’s most important city underwent major changes.

Downtown Puerto Plata, near the oceanfront boulevard section and one of the city’s first tourist attractions, is benefiting the most from the remodeling project.

Once the project is completed, the local authorities will continue to invest to improve and upgrade the beauty of this important north coast city.

Maribel Villalona, from the Ministry of Tourism, is currently in charge of the team of architects and planners working on this initial phase of reconstruction.

In all, the Ministry is working to dynamize and improve the city’s historic center.

Other Areas Being Worked On

The following important city structures and destinations are also included in the reconstruction program:

  • The “Mercado Nuevo,” or local market, an important destination for visiting tourists.
  • Various city parks, including the “Plaza Independencia” park, Puerto Plata’s largest.
  • Puerto Plata’s “Malecon,” or Oceanside Boulevard.
  • “La Puntilla,” the area near the San Felipe Fort, built by the Spaniards in the 16th century. An amphitheater is currently under construction.

Other Improvements

Most of the sidewalks in the area will be completely redone, as well as improvement of sewer systems; underground power lines; and new street lighting.

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