Procigar Festival 2015: no other like it in the world

The annual Dominican “Procigar Festival” is scheduled for February 15-20, a unique event that provides participants the opportunity to smoke the world’s top-rated cigars, become familiar with the way artisans produce tobaccos, and to visit the Caribbean’s top tourism destination: the Dominican Republic.

Trade representatives, producers and cigar lovers in general will all come together in Santiago, the “Cigar Capital of the World,” and in the internationally famous Casa de Campo resort to celebrate this annual event.

This year festival organizers are proposing an exciting program of activities, including the visit to world-famous cigar factories and plenty of cultural activities and sports related activities.

An added plus will be the visit to some of the country’s most beautiful white-sand beaches, where participants will be able to compete in the Donkey Polo Tournament and enjoy snorkeling and horseback riding.

In Santiago, the country’s second largest city, festival participants will be able to visit one of the many world-famous cigar companies that operate in and around the city, such as: General Cigar, Davidoff, “Quesada Cigarros,” La Aurora, “Corporacion de Exportacion de Cigarro,” “Tabacalera La Alianza-EP Carrillo,” “La Flor Dominicana,” “Tabacalera Palma” and the foundation “Cigar Familia.”

Another option included in the program will be a tour of the Atlantic coastline on board a catamaran, as well as participation in various cigar-related seminars, a charity poker tournament, and a tour of the Brugal Rum factory.

To top it all off, participants will also be able to take merengue dance classes, the country’s most important dance rhythm.

The Procigar Festival has become an important international event, thanks to the coverage given to the event by some of the world’s most prestigious magazines and publications specializing in this important industry, such as: Cigar Aficionado, Smoke & Smokeshop, Tobacconist, Cigar Magazine, European Cigar Journal, Cigar Clan, Cigar Report, Cigar Ambassador, L’Amateur Du Cigarre, “La Boutique de El Fumador,” Epicur, and Florida Cigar Snob.

Currently, the Dominican Republic is the world’s largest exporter of cigars and approximately 80% of the country’s cigar production takes places in Santiago, the “Cigar Capital of the World.” For more information:

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