Boca Chica: Excellent Restaurants Right on the Beach

The once sleepy fishing village of Boca Chica, situated 30 minutes east of the capital city of Santo Domingo and 10 minutes east from Las Americas International Airport, is known for the friendly disposition of its people.

Because of its proximity to Santo Domingo, the Dominican capital, Boca Chica is an excellent option for a relaxing lunch or dinner right on the beach.

Boca Chica is the right place for those who are looking to enjoy an exquisite meal, a refreshing drink or a quick snack in a beachfront setting. Local restaurants and bars become an even more attractive option in the afternoon, where the sunsets are truly spectacular.

ACCESSDR sent of team to Boca Chica in order to prepare a list of the town’s best restaurants and bars.

“Pelicano Beach”

This very popular and trendy restaurant offers a menu packed with delicious national and international dishes, specifically seafood dishes. However, the restaurant now offers delicious homemade pizza and sushi. It is a good choice for weekend family outings because of the restaurant’s access to the beach. The restaurant is situated on the grounds of the Be Live Hamaca Hotel.

Address: Duarte Street, Boca Chica

Telephone: 809-472-9347


This high-end restaurant caters to more affluent visitors. Its dishes are known for its fine details, and its wine list is one of the best in the region. Cigar lovers will find the facilities at Neptunos to be perfect, since there is a special area for those who like to enjoy a fine cigar after a fine meal.

The restaurant also features a deck where guests can descend right into the crystal-clear waters of Boca Chica Beach. There are also three Jacuzzis for those who simply want to relax while enjoying a cool drink.

Address: Duarte Street, Boca Chica

Telephone: 809-523-4703

Boca Marina

Another fine beachfront restaurant, known for its national and international dishes, Boca Marina is famous for its classical “Paella” and “Portobello Mushroom with Shrimp.” The restaurant is a favorite for weddings, birthdays and other social events.

Address: Duarte Street #12-A

Telephone: 809-688-6810/ 809-523-6702

Marina Makey

The Marina Makey is situated within the Hotel Don Juan premises, providing small vessels with various services, including water, energy, internet and cable television. It also features a popular bar and restaurant, open to the public. Delicious seafood dishes available, including its award-winning “Boca Chica Style Fried Fish” and the “Octopus Vinaigrette”.

Address: Hotel Don Juan, Boca Chica

Telephone: 809- 523-4511


This very popular family-oriented restaurant sits right on the beach. Its specialty if fine Dominican cuisine. Guests can either sit outside, right on the beach, or in the thatched-covered deck.

Address: Av. Abraham Nunez # 27

Telephone: 809-523-9648

Text: Neida Ovalles
Photographs: Maximo Zorrilla

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