ACCESSDR.Com Tourism Website Receives 8.5 Million Visitors

The ACCESSDR.COM tourism website became in 2014 the country’s most popular website for information on the country’s tourism sector.

The latest monitoring indicates that the website received 8.5 million visitors last year, averaging 984 visits per hour/16 per minute.

ACCESSDR – – publishes information on the tourism industry in the Dominican Republic in English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Russian and Portuguese. It also provides updated information on the country’s tourism industry in Mandarin, for its mainland China readers.

In 2014 the website received approximately 1.5 million visitors, an average of 167 visits per hour – one every three minutes. In comparison to 2013 numbers, website visitors skyrocketed by 44%.

A second ACCESS DR website is: This special website is directed at readers in mainland China, and is published in simplified Chinese.

The website was launched in 2013 and, during 2014 some 7.1 million visitors logged on to the website, an average of 817 per hour.

ACCESSDR.COM is updated daily with updated information on D.R.-tourism related issues, and is sponsored by the country’s Ministry of Tourism. It is produced by CICOM, a Dominican public relations company specializing in tourism news.

The website features guidebooks published by various tourism organizations and publishes exclusive news reports on tourist-related events and news.

Also featured: hotel news, golf and other sports-related events, gastronomy, parks, excursions, ecotourism, etc.

Visitors can also make reservations in tourism-related facilities and excursions, purchase airline tickets, and other general tourism services.

Weekly newsletters

ACCESSDR.COM also publishes weekly newsletters in eight languages, with a summary of the main news published in the website. There is also a summary of information for the mainland China readers on tourism-related events, primarily aimed at travel agents and tourism professionals.

Other Products

Other CICOM publications are its Tourism Summary, a daily bulletin with national and international news on tourism for professionals and people with interest in the tourism sector. Also, the free monthly printed magazine “RT” directed at the local tourism market, with reports on tourism issues of interest to consumers.

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