Puntacana Foundation Receives Dominican Treasures Award

The Puntacana Ecological Foundation now joins other top Dominican institutions who have received the Dominican Treasures award, issued to local ecotourism activities and destinations as well as cultural activities and services that are sustainable tourism attractions.

The highly coveted awards are issued by the Dominican Tourism Competitiveness Consortium.

The nonprofit organization, a member of the PUNTACANA Group, is known for his innovative research efforts and environmental education projects, as well as for the preservation of local natural and cultural resources, best practices in sustainable agriculture and the environmentally-friendly removal of solid waste.

The Puntacana Ecological Foundation provides local farmers with much-needed support and works with the surrounding communities on sustainable development projects.

The Puntacana Ecological Foundation

Founded in 1994, the foundation’s goals are to protect and preserve the natural resources of the Punta Cana tourism region, as well as provide support for the sustainable development of the Puntacana Resort & Club, a member of the Puntacana Group founded 45 years ago.

The Group also owns and operates Punta Cana’s International Airport as well as other tourism-related businesses.

The resort features some of the country’s top-rated beaches, hotels, restaurants, spa, marina, golf courses, tourism real estate projects, tennis centers as well as many other facilities.

The foundation develops solutions to local social and environmental issues related to the region’s tourism sector.

It also carries out research and education projects, in collaboration with international universities.

The Foundation has developed such programs as “Zero Discharge,” dealing with the classification, recycling and waste management projects; the development of worm farms for the production of bio-compost; sustainable agricultural projects; high-quality honey production; protection of the endangered Hispaniola sparrowhawk; restoration of local coral reefs; and courses and training on environmental education.

Dominican Treasures

The Dominican Treasures award is based on international guidelines used to encourage sustainable tourism in the country.

So far some 53 tourism-related activities or destinations throughout the Dominican Republic have received the prestigious award.

The award is issued by the Dominican Tourism Competitiveness Consortium, a non-profit organization, after a rigorous nomination and selection process that takes into consideration the respect for local laws and regulations, operations, hygiene, services, personnel, prices, infrastructure, safety, environmental management, communications and marketing.

The program is co-sponsored by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

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