Ushering in the new year Dominican Country Style

The Dominican Republic offers visitors an interesting array of accommodations for those who would like to celebrate a very different New Year’s in the Dominican countryside, where life is simple and nature abounds.

There are many excellent facilities, depending on the tastes and budgets of the visitors. This experience can be carefully planned by well-qualified local tour operators.

The “Christmas Cottage” Rural Tourism Agency ( can provide visitors with various innovative and attractive year-end options.

The following are interesting tour options:

Rio Blanco Eco-Lodge

This beautiful eco-lodge is found at the foot of “Lomas de Blanco” mountains near the town of Bonao, situated one hour north of Santo Domingo. The lodge offers visitors nearby walking trails, rivers, waterfalls and many other nature-oriented experiences. Prices per person/per night go for approximately US$50. Children 5-10, approximately US$30. The lodge has hot running water, and rates include breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Cachote Eco-Lodge

The Cachote Eco-Lodge is situated 900 meters above sea level, in the lush mountains of the country’s southwest region near the town of Barahona. The lodge consists of several comfortable cabins, equipped with all the necessities required in a mountain environment. There are nearby walking trails, options to visit nearby communities, excellent bird watching and campfires. Rates range from US$45 (approximately) per person, and include breakfast, lunch, dinner, tour guides and refreshments. There is a common dining area, set around the campfire area.

“Ecocampo La Sangria” Lodge

This is the place where time stands still. Situated in the northeast province of Samana, the lodge gives visitors the chance to enjoy Dominican rural life at its fullest: beautiful surrounding farms, modern cabins, spaces for quiet relaxation, reading, meditation and much-needed rest. Just a few miles away visitors will find some of the country’s most beautiful beaches, rivers and mountains.   Rates per person range from US$65 (approximately).

“Sonido del Yaque” Lodge

The simply decorated cottages are found near the “Yaque River,” in the country’s central mountain region. The “Sonido del Yaque” Lodge is situated in the town of Jarabacoa, one of the country’s most popular mountain towns. Rates per person/per night start at approximately US$40.

Angostura Lodge

Situated in the rural community of Manabao, outside the mountain town of Jarabacoa, the Angostura Lodge is the perfect place to spend a quiet Christmas or New Year’s. Surrounded by some of the country’s most beautiful mountains, the lodge is situated near beautiful mountain trails and picture-perfect rivers and waterfalls. Rates start at approximately US$35 per person/per night, and include breakfast, lunch and dinner. There are three wood cabins, with separate bedrooms, with capacity for 3-6 guests.

“La Fonderosa”

“La Ponderosa,” situated in the mountain town of Jarabacoa, consists of two residences that offer “rural boutique” services. The lodge just happens to be one of those places where visitors always return to because of the beautiful surroundings and excellent personal services offered. Both residences come fully equipped with everything, except towels. The homes feature terraces that overlook the majesty “Yaque del Norte” river, as well as a BBQ area and other outdoor activities. Each features three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Rates: US$300 per night (accommodations for 10 guests). The largest of the two homes feature a swimming pool, gazebo, 7 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, plus outdoor area. Rates: US$350 per night (approximately, accommodates 14 guests).

“Clave Verde” Lodge

Situated in the northeast province of Samana, this small lodge is situated just minutes from the popular tourism destinations of “Las Terrenas” and Portillo, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. The residences are beautifully and elegantly decorated, and are the perfect spot to spend some true quality time with family and friends. It is the ideal place to spend a peaceful vacation. The four-residence complex features swimming pools, a gymnasium and other interesting features. Price range: Approximately US$80 per night, for two guests.

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