“Travesias” Restaurant: Dominican Cuisine at Its Best

The Dominican Republic not only offers guests beautiful geographical destinations.

It also offers the visitor excellent restaurants that specialize in Dominican and international cuisine. For those who want to taste Dominican cuisine at its very best, then the “Travesias” Restaurant, situated in the heart of Santo Domingo, will provide guests with gourmet Dominican dishes.

The restaurant’s décor provides guests with a feel of what the home of a Dominican fisherman is like. Guests can sit indoors or outside, in a cozy terrace. Everything in “Travesias” is about the Dominican Republic: its food, art and culture.

“Travesias’ Exclusive Menu”

“Travesias” currently has the country’s only “Oyster Bar”, featuring the best oysters from the Atlantic Ocean.

Guests will marvel at the restaurant’s menu: 42 traditional gourmet dishes; six dessert options; and eight original cocktails, all prepared with 100% Dominican rum. The menu includes the best dishes, gourmet style, from the country’s various regions and provinces.

The Most Popular Dishes

Based on consumer reports, the following are the most popular dishes: “Sweet Goat Risotto,” “Boca Chica Snapper,” “Lionfish,” “Goat Quipes,” “Chenchen with Lamb Stew,” “Coastal Dominican Stew, “Bayahíbe Soup,” “Montecristi Paradise Crab,” “Mackerel from the Key in Coconut Sauce.”

Most popular desserts: “Vanilla Sweet Sour Milk with Cinnamon,” “Passion Fruit Cheescake,” “Organic Chocolate Custard,” and “Coconut Trilogy.”

By far the most popular cocktail is the “Southern Spell,” made with Brugal Rum, ginger, tamarind and triple sec. Also popular: “Mischief,” prepared with rum, honey, passion fruit, rosemary, basil and Dominican homemade rum.

Enjoy the Experience!

Restaurant hours: Tuesday-Thursday 12:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Friday-Sunday 12:00 a.m. to midnight. Abraham Lincoln corner of Lope de Vega Avenues, Plaza Castilla. Tel. 809-565-6607.

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