The Constanza Valley: high above the clouds of the Caribbean

In the Dominican Republic’s central mountain range, situated right in the very center of the country, is the Constanza Valley, one of the most beautiful mountain valleys in the entire Caribbean region.

The valley is known for its incredible beauty, endless walking trails, quaint inns and small hotels. The starry night sky in the region is simply spectacular.

Reaching Constanza is easy. From Santo Domingo, the route to take is the Duarte Highway, the country’s most important roadway.

About an hour north, seven kilometers after passing the town of Bonao, there are signs that point the way to the mountain valley of Constanza.

The mountain road that leads to Constanza offers spectacular views of the surrounding mountain range.

On the way up visitors can stop to purchase vegetables, fruit, coffee, strawberries and fresh-cut flowers, all grown around the region.

Once in Constanza there are many tour options to nearby sites, such as nearby crystal-clear very cold water rivers and streams, and visits to local archaeological sites that date back thousands of years.

Right outside Constanza is the “Valle Nuevo” National Park, featuring the “Agua Blanca” (White Water) waterfall, surrounded by an unusual pine forest and beautiful walking trails.

There are also secure campsites, if you wish to fully enjoy the breathtaking night sky, brimming with stars.

By Adolfo Lopez
Environmental consultant

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