Playa Grande Beach Club: a different Boutique Hotel

Nestled between lush tropical gardens and a two kilometer stretch of one of the country’s most beautiful beaches is the boutique hotel “Playa Grande Beach Club”.

Situated on the Dominican Republic’s north coast, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, the 15-room facility offers its exclusive guests an ideal place for rest, relaxation and the personalized attention provided by the hotel’s staff.

The hotel’s 15 rooms are distributed in one bedroom “casitas” or small houses. The hotel also offers three-bedroom villas, all with exceptional oceanfront views, freshly decorated and painted in pastel colors.

The small units represent the typical Dominican countryside home, including ceramic floors, brightly colored walls and decorated with pieces crafted by local artisans.

The details put into each room are designed to make the visitor feel right at home, but in a typical Dominican setting.

Aside from the natural beauty of the region, the hotel also provides visitors with various amenities such as a swimming pool, mini-basketball and tennis courts; a Caribbean restaurant that serves organic products grown in the area, and fresh seafood.

Hotel manager Alexandra Jeronimo also highlights the cozy bar and lounge, and the hotel’s library.

But, perhaps the hotel’s most important attraction is the intimacy of the setting. Everything has been designed to provide guests with a tranquil environment.

The intimacy of “Playa Grande Beach Club” will provide for the perfect stay, away from all the hustle and bustle of larger resorts and city hotels.

A Different Hotel Experience

Hotel Manager Alexandra Jeronimo says the “Beach Club” has many advantages that distinguish it from other local facilities. “’Playa Grande’ is one of the country’s most iconic beaches, and we are committed to providing the surrounding communities with a different kind of tourism”.

The hotel owners, mostly international entrepreneurs involved in philanthropic activities in their respective countries, are convinced that “development must coexist with nearby communities and with nature,” explained Ms. Jeronimo.

This is one of the reasons why hotel management has worked closely with the Playa Grande Foundation to allow public access to the nearby beach.

“We created an amazing area where the vendors who have worked for decades on this beach have continued to work there.

Now the vendors are selling their products in colorful Dominican-style stands, all equipped with electricity and running water. We also provided space for the country’s Tourism Police and the Red Cross; public bathrooms; typical gazebos and parking space for 250 cars.”

The President of the Playa Grande Vendors Association, Rafael Mirabal, said that by providing security, customer service and a clean environment, the number of local and international tourists has significantly increased.

Members of the Playa Grande Beach Club find that sharing the beach with the locals has become an important attraction.

The Playa Grande Foundation also works to support the region’s educational, health and cultural initiatives.

By: Amelia Deschamps
Photos: Maximo Zorrilla and Amelia Deschamps

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