Larimar Museum in the Southwest City of Barahona

The Dominican Government recently opened the Larimar School and Museum in Barahona, the southwest region’s most important city. At the museum visitors will marvel at the beautiful jewelry made by local artisans, using the Larimar stone, a blue/turquoise-colored stone found only in the Dominican Republic.

Next to the museum is the government-run school , where future artisans train by designing, polishing and carving the Larimar stone.

What is the Larimar Stone?

This rare and beautiful gemstone is found only in Barahona, in the country’s southwest region.

The stone’s unique blue tones are what sets it apart from all local and regional stones. The Larimar mines are located in the town of “Los Chupaderos,” situated some 10 kilometers from Barahona, in the nearby mountain range.

Most Larimar stones are set in silver, but some high-end pieces are actually set in gold. The value of the stone is determined by its color. The blue stones are the most valued, and most popular.

The jewelry made at the school will be sold at the “Centro Cuesta Nacional,” the country’s largest supermarket chains, as well as in local hotels and resorts.

The goal of the school and museum is not only to popularize the beautiful stone but also to provide the local community with much-needed jobs.

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