Jarabacoa and Constanza, Beautiful Cool Mountain Retreats in the Heart of the DR

The towns of Jarabacoa and Constanza are the country’s two most important destinations for eco-tourism.

They are the perfect destination for a cool Caribbean vacation, since temperatures in the region can drop significantly in comparison to the average hot temperatures experienced by the rest of the country.

During the winter months temperatures can drop to the low teens (Celsius).

Surrounded by the impressive beauty of the country’s central mountain range, Jarabacoa and Constanza will provide the nature-friendly tourists with many outdoor activities, including rafting, horseback riding and hiking.

Many national and international visitors visit the region for its beauty and cool temperatures.

For those looking for extreme sports activities, local tour groups organize trips to Duarte Peak, the highest peak in the Caribbean region.

Situated 3,175 meters above sea level, the hike up to the peak is the perfect challenge for the lover of extreme outdoor activities.

Another interesting option is a visit to “Valle Nuevo” (New Valley), in the mountain town of Constanza, where temperatures can drop to -5 Celsius.

If you are looking for an escape from the warm temperatures of the coastal areas, then Jarabacoa and Constanza are options that should be considered.


Guests can stay at comfortable local inns, as well as other options, such as:

• Rancho Aurora: This farm-like lodge provides an intimate and relaxed atmosphere, overlooking one of the region’s most beautiful mountain areas. The hotel offers rooms that can accommodate up to eight visitors, a swimming pool, restaurant and spectacular mountain views. This particular lodge is an excellent option for large family vacations.

• Casa Tranquila: This 14-room country residence features a dining room and a large family room. The eco-lodge has been certified by Dominican Treasures, an organization that certifies sustainable tourism projects in the D.R. It is an excellent option for large groups.

• “Bohios de Campo Añil (Indigo Cottages): This is the perfect place to spend Christmas or New Year, Dominican country style. The beautiful country cottages that make up the place offer an excellent rural atmosphere that also provides guests with many fun activities, such as: billiards, board games, shooting dart games, basketball, swimming pool, children’s playground, campfires, plus a multipurpose room for dancing and other social activities. It is a perfect place to spend time with the family.

• “Hotel Brisas del Yaque” (Yaque River Breeze Hotel): Situated in the mountain town of Jarabacoa, the facility offers 18 comfortable rooms and a restaurant. It is an excellent spot to understand what a rural Dominican Christmas celebration is all about.

• Jarabacoa River Club: This cozy and very relaxed 45-room facility also features an excellent restaurant, a swimming pool, an all-purpose activity hall, and a children’s playground.

• Quintas Villas del Bosque (Villas of the Forest): This eco-lodge consists of 70 villas, ranging from 150-300 square meters. The complex features a swimming pool, clubhouse, playground, BBQ area and gazebo.

• Hotel Gran Jimenoa: Features 65 luxury rooms, swimming pool, restaurant, beautiful gardens, ballroom for 600 guests and easy access to the nearby Jimenoa River.

• “La Jamaca de Dios” (The Hammock of God): Situated outside of Jarabacoa, on a beautiful mountain top, this eco-lodge features 12 luxury apartments. It is the perfect destination for guests looking for peace and quiet in a mountain setting. The views from the lodge are truly spectacular.


In the mountain town of Constanza guests will marvel at the impressive number of micro-climates that abound in the region. The town of Constanza features cool temperatures, and even cooler temperatures up in the nearby mountains. The town is surrounded by impressive pine forests, unique to the region.

• Altocerro: This 68-room lodge offers comfortable accommodations, excellent food, biking, horseback riding and canopy, as well as a camping area with playground, game room, billiards, a soccer field and 18 BBQ pits. The complex also features 34 villas which can accommodate from two to seven guests. All are equipped with a kitchen and a spectacular view of the valley. The resort offers special activities for guests who decide to spend Christmas and New Year’s in Altocerro.

• Rancho Constanza: This is the ideal destination for a truly cool Christmas vacation, temperature wise. The lodge consists of one/two bedroom family villas which can accommodate up to five guests, a living room, fully equipped kitchen and a 14-room hotel. There is a typical Dominican restaurant, and spectacular views of the nearby valley. It is an alternative to enjoy a perfect, yet quiet, Christmas holiday.

• Hotel Constanza: This 26-room facility features 10 villas and hotel rooms, restaurant, campfire area, BBQ pits, board games, basketball and volleyball courts. It is the perfect family vacation destination.

• Villa Pajon: The perfect destination for those who want to get away from the bustle of the city. This eco-lodge, situated in the valley, features seven cottages. It is the ideal setting for a personal retreat, where rest and relaxation are the most important goals. The temperatures in the area can drop to -5 degrees Celcius, the perfect setting for gathering around the campfire or a fireplace. The lodge is surrounded by pristine pine forests.


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