Cap Cana Ecological Tours

The Cap Cana region, situated in the country’s easternmost region, offers visitors many interesting places to explore. One of these are the seaside cliffs that run parallel to the coastal area, beginning at Cape San Rafael.

The area is also rich in caves, rich in archaeological treasures. Also found along the cliffs is the original road built by the Spaniards when they settled the area. For centuries it was this road was the only access to the entire region, important for all kinds of traffic and commercial trade.

Another interesting site to visit is the “Hoyo Azul,” or Blue Hole. This natural pool was formed near a very small lake.

Explorers discovered a deep underwater cave that has only partially been explored.

The region is rich in ecological trails, the perfect place for the adventuresome visitor.

The Cap Cana region is also known for its numerous sinkholes, the remnants of ancient caves, whose roofs collapsed creating huge circular holes.

In some of the cave walls there are interesting pre-Hispanic rock art, painting there by the Tainos, the original inhabitants of the island.

Cap Cana

Adolfo López
Environmental Consultant

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