The Painted Rocks of the Yuboa River

The Yuboa River is near the town of Bonao, situated an hour north of Santo Domingo.

Some eight kilometers before reaching the town visitors will leave the main highway en route to the village of “Blanco” .

Once in this picturesque community, the villagers will be more than happy to provide directions to the area where they can see for themselves the painted rocks of the Yuboa River.

The rocks date back to pre-Hispanic times and were painted by the Tainos, the island’s original inhabitants.

A beautiful short walk through the banks of the river will lead the visitors to the actual site of the painted rocks.

The “painted rocks” are in very good condition, at a site that was once a place of worship and rituals.

Experts believe the Tainos possibly worshipped the goddess Atabey, the Mother of Waters in the Taino culture.

Near the river is a small hill where a pre-Hispanic altar and more drawings are found. According to local experts the site is more than one thousand years old. This particular spot was apparently a place to worship the heavenly gods because of the hill’s strategic location.

This ancestral religious site is the perfect spot to spend the night, and to view the same star-lit sky once venerated by the local Tainos.

Adolfo López
Environmental Consultant

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