Valley “Los Arroyos” (Valley of Streams)

Visitors to the capital city of Santo Domingo can visit nearby spectacular places, such as the beautiful basin of the Mana and Isa Rivers.

Near the Haina River, just minutes from Santo Domingo’s downtown section, visitors will turn at the “Piedra Gorda” crossing, in the same community, and travel some eight kilometers until reaching the river basin.

Once on this country road, which runs parallel to the Isa River, visitors will pass through the town of Cidral, cross the Isa bridge and continue a very short distance until they have reached the Mana River.

At this point is where the visitors park their vehicles.

From this point on everything the eyes can see is just a picture-perfect scene of natural beauty, for this is the place where the two rivers come together from their long journey from the mountains.

Small brooks form crystal-clear pools, perfect for a cool refreshing dip.

Visitors are advised to wear comfortable water resistant shoes since there are an endless number of crisscrossing creeks and brooks along the hiking trail.

The serenity of the region is impressive, as well as the beautiful mountain scenery. Hiking can be as long or as short as desired, always following the stony river trail.

It is an ideal place to enjoy a family outing, children and pets included.

Adolfo López
Environmental Consultant

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