More than 150 weekly flights connect New York with the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic’s six international airports handle approximately 150 weekly flights to and from New York City.

The airlines JetBlue, Delta and United Airlines are the top carriers. Santiago, the country’s largest cities, handles the largest number of flights in the country with 70 weekly flights. Santo Domingo’s international airport handles 65 flights; Punta Cana, 30; Puerto Plata, 7; La Romana, 3; and Samana, 2.

The number of flights will increase or decrease depending on seasonal demands, said Lucien Echavarria, head of the Ministry of Tourism’s Promotion Office in the northeast region of the United States during a special event held in Yankee Stadium to promote Dominican tourism.

Other U.S. cities that are well connected with the Dominican Republic are Newark, in New Jersey, and Boston.

International airports in these cities handle approximately 25 flights per week.

U.S. Tourists

During January-August 2014 approximately 42% of the 3.1 million tourists that visited the Dominican Republic through its international airports were U.S. citizens (1.3 million). In 2012 that number peaked at 1.4 million (38%) and, in 2013, that number jumped by 10%.

Last year tourists from the United States said that they preferred the Dominican Republic as a vacation destination because of its beaches (32%), climate (28%) and reasonable prices (18%).

Other American cities with frequent flights to the country are Miami, Atlanta, Houston, Chicago, Orlando and Fort Lauderdale.

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