Gaspar Hernandez Province home to beautiful natural springs, rivers and beaches

Situated in the country’s north coast, this province is known known for its world-class coastal tourism attractions.

First on the list is the former fishing village of Cabarete, known today as the “Windsurf Capital of the World.

The Yasica River Basin, for example, offers the nature lover pristine beaches and beautiful unpolluted surroundings. On both sides of the river banks there are kiosks with vendors selling fresh fried fish and other local treats.

Fishermen come in early to offer the vendors their fresh catch of the day.

The river is surrounded by a lush tropical forest, rich in local wildlife.

Tourists to the area are encouraged to visit the “Las Lagunas Natural Monument,” known for its intricate cave system. There are various caves that feature fresh pools, where visitors can take a dip to cool off from the tropical heat.

For more information, please contact the Ministry of the Environment/Vice Ministry for Protected Areas

Telephone: 809-567-4300


Adolfo López
Environmental Consultant

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