An Almost Perfect Destination for Kayaking

Kayaking is considered by many to be a simple water sport. It is inexpensive, does not require special skills, and can be practiced by two individuals at the same time. More importantly, most hotels in the Dominican Republic provide kayaking facilities. In five to ten minutes all those interested in learning to kayak can climb aboard the small boat and begin to practice this aquatic sport.

Almost Perfect Beach for Kayaking

The beach at the Grand Paradise Samana Hotel, in the country’s northeast, is ideal for kayaking in open waters. The beach features shallow waters with fine white sand, and is protected by a barrier reef. There may strong wind currents, but the area is well protected by the reef making it an ideal spot for perfect kayaking opportunities.

Most local hotels offer two-person kayaks, which also can be used by one person. This sport is excellent for a health round of exercise as well as an excellent opportunity to enjoy the sport with another person.

A Perfect Sport for Couples

Kayaking is practiced in calm or rough waters, in rivers, lakes or near the sea shore. Although a kaya is easy to use, maneuvering it can get somewhat complicated when the sea waves turn rough.

The beach is the perfect destination to enjoy kayaking on your own, with a partner, friend, or significant other. It is also a fun activity to be enjoyed by parents and their children.

Kayaking softly through the calm sea waters connects us immediately with the beautiful surroundings and picture perfect paradise.

The Kayak

The word “Kayak” originates with the Eskimos, meaning “a man’s boat” or “piece of driftwood” because it was built to suit the particular needs of the owner. According to Eskimo culture, the kayaks could only be used when youngsters were initiated into the adult world through a special ritual. The family of the initiated youngster would build its own kayak. Kayaks have been around for more than four thousand years.

A kayak is similar to a canoe, but originally it was used by only one person for fishing and hunting. Today, kayaks are used for various sports activities and some can accommodate up to four passengers.

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