Visiting the “Limon” Lagoon and Nearby Pristine Beaches

Two of the Dominican Republic’s most beautiful lagoons, “Redonda” and “Limon,” are both situated in the country’s northeast region. The lagoons are true natural masterpieces, and are situated some 40 minutes from Punta Cana’s international airport. With easy access to the Bay of Samana, considered one of the world’s most beautiful bays, the lagoons are important attractions for tourists visiting the region. The lagoons are also an important source of livelihood for nearby fishermen.

“Laguna El Limon”

This lagoon is said to be one of the country’s and the Caribbean’s most important fresh water reservoir. The lagoon occupies 5.5 square kilometers with an average depth of 1.89 meters. It is a protected region because of its environmental importance. The “El Limon” lagoon flows into the nearby Atlantic Ocean through a small channel.

The lagoon is situated one kilometer from the main road. Access to the lagoon is possible by car or four-wheel vehicles, through a dirt road that will also take the visitor straight to the beautiful “El Limon” beach.

“Limon Beach”

There are small boats docked at the beach, waiting for all those who want to visit the lagoon where they will also enjoy various aquatic activities organized by local fishermen.

Visitors can also reach the “Laguna Limon” through a 200-meter long path built along a mangrove-lined channel. The trail is located just behind the “Cannibal Bar,” found right on the coconut-lined beach.

“La Redonda” Lagoon

The salt-water lagoon occupies six square kilometers. It flows into the Atlantic Ocean through the “Celedonio Channel.”

The lagoon provides livelihood for many local fishermen since the salt-water lagoon is rich in shrimp, tilapia and crab. Reaching the lagoon is difficult, possible only by hiking, on horseback or motorbikes.

Guided Tours to the Region

The Hotel “Rancho La Cueva,” in collaboration with the Laguna Limon Fisherman’s Association, organizes guided tours for nature lovers.

Tours available:

• Horseback in Limon Beach

• Tour to the lagoons

• Fishing

• Birdwatching

• Day tour to Limon Beach

• Visit to “Montaña Redonda” (Round Mountain)

“Rancho La Cueva”

The “Rancho La Cueva” is the only facility in the area that offers accommodation and good food around the lagoons. The hotel is situated some 300 meters from Limon Beach, alongside the dirt road that leads to the area and the lagoon.

Easily accessible by road, the hotel was founded by its owner Walter Brandle, an Austrian national that has become one of the first in the country to support eco-tourism projects. “La Cueva” began in 1995 as a small restaurant.

That same year tour operators began to take tourists there from Juan Dolio hotels – an important tourism enclave situated 30 minutes east of Las Americas international airport – and the east coast tourism regions of Bayahibe and Punta Cana.

In 2002 the restaurant expanded and its owners began to build comfortable rooms for those who wanted to spend a few days in the area.

Currently, this small establishment has 10 rooms, a seafood restaurant that comfortably seats 50, and a separate dining area for 150 guests.

“Rancho Las Cuevas” hosts day trips for tourists staying at nearby hotels and resorts.

Restaurant Telephone: 809 519-5271.

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