Rural Tourism in the Dominican Republic

Visitors to the Dominican Republic can enjoy the beauty of the Dominican countryside through the guided tours “The Dominican Republic au Naturale,” organized by tour operator Miguelina Butron. These tours provide the international visitor with “the soul of the Dominican Republic. “Our tour offers the visitor much more than a pristine beach,” said Butron. For more information, please visit:

The guided tours began in 2010 with the name “Turismo Rural Dominicana” and a website that promoted the country’s natural beauty. The demand was so great that specialized tours began to be organized under the name “The Dominican Republic au Naturale.”

Miguelina Butron, an experienced tour operator and creator of the website, explains that the tour’s main objective is to “preserve the conservation of the country’s natural resources and the development of rural communities.”

“Our goal is to have the tourism industry contribute to improve the lifestyle of rural communities throughout the country.

Visitors can visit the website and determine, through the information provided, where they want to go and what communities they want to visit during their stay in the Dominican Republic. The website provides information on communities in the country’s north, southeast and southwest regions.

There are plenty of rivers, waterfalls, mountains, caves, lakes, hiking trails, scientific reserves, national parks, towns and rural communities of exotic beauty, available for guided tours. Also included are tours to educational farming projects.

Miguelina Butron, founder of the Rural Tourism project, says she provides visitors with an “invitation to see the Dominican Republic au Naturale.” “This is much more than visiting an unspoiled beach or visiting a nearby village. Rural tourism is an encounter with the soul of the country, an experience that will bring you closer to Dominicans, its culture and its people. At the same time, the communities visited will benefit from the tours.”

Lodging and Meals

The company provides all the necessary camping gear, services and amenities. Also available: eco-lodges, cottages and small rural hotels. Many of these facilities use sustainable energy and all eco-lodges are equipped with beds, bathrooms and hot water.

Perhaps the best part of the experience is discovering Dominican cuisine, where food is prepared with organic vegetables and products. The tours are truly an unforgettable experience.

Meetings and Events

National and international companies can also enjoy the facilities provided by the tour operator. Some of the eco-lodges have available small to medium-size meeting rooms and, of course, outdoor areas for group activities.

The Rural Tourism guided-tour company arranges all needed reservations; organizes events in a rural environment and organizes adventure, ecotourism, hiking, educational, health and religious tours. For more information, please write: or call 809-540-3004.

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