Rural Tourism in Dominican Parks and Mountains

The decision to visit the Dominican Republic brings up immediate images of beautiful pristine beaches. But those who love adventure tourism will find a whole new world in the country’s national parks.

The most daring will want to hike up to the Pico Duarte, the highest peak in the Caribbean.

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But, although many national and international visitors want to visit the remote Dominican countryside, they want to do it with expert guides who know the terrain and are very much aware of safety issues.

In many cases, they will ask who the guides are. Also, are they properly trained? Is there a specialized tour agency that I can trust?

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Discovering the Aniana Vargas National Park

Situated in the country’s central region, 1.5 hours north of Santo Domingo, this National Park is full of natural wonders. The “Cuevas de Senabe” (Senabe Caves), where visitors will find some of the best cave art in the Caribbean, is an impressive experience. Another wonderful experience will be sailing in the waters of the Hatillo Dam and taking a cool swim in its tranquil waters. Tours are available for all age groups.

Relaxing Tour to “Laguna Cristal” (Crystal Lagoon)

The lagoon is situated in a small community in the province of San Francisco de Macoris, on the country’s central region. Some 100 families live around the “Laguna Cristal,” given the name because its waters are crystalline with an unique emerald tone. Tours to the Lagoon will include hiking, visiting nearby ancient caves, swimming, and a boat ride to Puerto Escondido. Tours are available for all ages.

Hiking Up to “Valle del Tetero” (Tetero Valley)

The “Valle del Tetero” is found in the Armando Bermudez National Park. Situated in the country’s majestic central mountain chain, hiking up to the valley is truly an unforgettable experience. The four-day trip offers the visitor unforgettable landscapes, beautiful campsites, and swimming in the nearby cold-water rivers. Visitors must be in good physical condition in order to hike up to the valley.

The “Pico Duarte:” The Highest Peak in the Caribbean

Also situated in the Armando Bermudez National Park, the peak rises 3,087 meters above sea level. Visitors can take three or six-day tours, depending on their individual needs, and physical strength. Temperatures at the peak are the lowest registered in the entire Caribbean region.

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