Enjoy a Good Cup Coffee in Santiago, the Country’s Second Largest City

Enjoying a perfect cup of coffee is an important Dominican tradition. Access DR presents five excellent options where visitors and nationals alike can enjoy a perfect cup of Dominican coffee in Santiago, the country’s second largest city.

Although most Dominicans enjoy having their coffee at home, there are now excellent restaurants and cafés where this important tradition lives on.

Access DR recommends the following cafés where coffee lovers can enjoy that perfect cup of coffee:

Della Nonna:

This popular pastry shop offers its guests delicious treats: a wide variety of salted snacks and desserts and, most importantly, its very popular cheesecake. Impossible to just have one cup of coffee.

Address: Mauricio Alvarez St., No. 6, and in Juan Pablo Duarte Square.

Caffe Latte:

Visitors will be pleased with the aroma that characterizes this café. Excellent service, good music and juke box. The café is situated in the very heart of the city.

Address: Calle Restauracion No. 92.

Cuesta Library Café:

The country’s most important book store, “Libreria Cuesta,” features a comfortable café section to be enjoyed by its exclusive clientele. Great place to meet local intellectuals and artists.

Address: Av. Estrella Sadhala, “El Nacional” Supermarket Plaza

La Campagna:

This is probably one of the oldest and most traditional cafés in Santiago. La Campagna is the perfect place to enjoy that special cup of coffee in one of its four cafés found throughout the city.

Address: Ave. Juan Pablo Duarte No. 51; Jacinto Dumit No.1; Carretera Luperon No.21; and Plaza El Pino II.

Café Santo Domingo:

The particular flavor of the coffee served in this café is truly Dominican.

Address: Av. Juan Pablo Duarte, Paseo Plaza.

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