Bayahibe is a Sanctuary of Fine National and International Cuisine

Bayahibe, a small tourism destination situated 15 minutes east of La Romana – on the country’s east coast – is a sanctuary of fine cuisine.

The beachfront community currently features French, Cuban, Chilean and Italian restaurants, to just name a few.

Bayahibe is situated two hours east of Santo Domingo and one hour west of Punta Cana.

Aside from the wonderful cuisine it offers, it is also one of the country’s most beautiful coastal villages.

The region is known for its excellent Italian restaurants. Decades ago an important community of Italian immigrants settled in the region, therefore the importance of Italian cuisine in the La Romana-Bayahibe section.

Bayahibe Restaurants:

Mare Nostrum: By far this is one of Bayahibe’s most important restaurants, known for its fine cuisine. Situated on the beautiful Bayahibe beachfront, Mare Nostrum offers guests the best seafood in the area. For reservations, please call: 809-833-0055.

Saona Cafe Bistro: The restaurant is situated in one of the beach’s most popular section. The restaurant has become popular for its various dishes using the “Lion Fish,” famous for its exquisite flavor. The fish is served with fresh lemon juice, tasty mango sauce, capers and fresh tomatoes. Also popular: the restaurant’s popular martinis and refreshing caipirinhas. For information: 809-833-0541.

Doña Clara: This is the Bayahibe Hotel’s main beachfront restaurant. It is known for its seafood, meats and pasta dishes. A refreshing dip is always recommended before eating. Telephone: 809-833-0159.

Captain Kidd: This restaurant is truly a magical place that will transport visitors to the days when pirates roamed the region. The restaurant is named for Captain William Kidd, whose ship sank in the waters off the Bayahibe coastline. Today, the remains of the ship have become an underwater museum visited by guided snorkelers and divers. Captain Kidd is an excellent dining option not only for its excellent menu but also for its strategic location on the beach. Guests can enjoy spectacular sunsets while sipping a refreshing tropical drink. Its seafood, meats and pasta are delicious options. Its pizzas are also famous in the region. Highly recommended: carpaccio, octopus salad, conch, shrimp and fish balls; pasta; grilled lobster. The restaurant famous cocktail, the Captain Kidd, is also recommended. Telephone: 849-350-1977.

Barco Bar: You’ll feel right at home at Barco Bar. Its friendly environment, delicious food, impressive seaside views, including sunsets, are worthy of picture-perfect postcards. The restaurant offers a diverse menu, including national and international dishes, and they specialize in seafood dishes, meats and pasta, including homemade ravioli. Their seafood dish, golden shrimp with passion fruit sauce, is one of the restaurant’s top favorites. Telephone: 829-787-7058.

Casa Liana.: This trattoria, located in the heart of Bayahibe, feature authentic Tuscan cuisine. Guests will receive very personalized attention in an intimate and friendly ambiance that will make you feel right at home. Their Tuscan pasta and other Tuscan dishes are to die for. For reservations: 809-933-3331/829-613-3575.

“La Placita de la Bahia:” This small section of Bayahibe is packed with excellent restaurants and shops. This is the perfect destination for group tours visiting Bayahibe, because there’s everything for everyone. All restaurants in the small plaza serve homemade bread made from the nearby bakery “La Jungla.”

“El Cafecito de la Cubana:” The restaurant offers excellent international cuisine, especially fresh seafood. Highly recommended: fish in coconut sauce; the famous Cuban-style shredded meat; seafood, and garlic pasta with shrimp and zucchini. The Cuban restaurant is also known for its famous “mojitos,” Cuba’s national drink. Closed Tuesdays. Telephone: 849-816-1124.

Comodoro: This restaurant is definitely one of the best options to enjoy a delicious Italian meal and fresh seafood. Their seafood pasta dish, made with shrimp, prawns, clams and fresh tomatoes, is well-known in the Bayahibe area. Also available: snapper wrapped in salt; penne with mushrooms and cream sauce, shrimp and clams. Excellent homemade pizza is also available. It offers a cozy and intimate environment. Highly recommended. Closed on Wednesdays. Telephone: 809-833-0144/809-962-5463.

“Perlita Morena:” This Chilean restaurant is known for its excellent steaks, prepared South American style. Recommended: grilled meat; Tribone Steak (combination of steak and sirloin); grilled lobster and Spanish paella. Closed on Mondays. Telephone: 809-833-0721/829-658-0477.

“Issamar:” This is the oldest restaurant on Bayahibe Beach, specializing in fresh seafood and authentic Dominican dishes. Recommended: all seafood and Dominican dishes, especially the restaurant’s homemade Dominican deserts such as sweet coconut and sweet potato soufflé. Telephone: 809-879-1179.

“Mama Mia:” This small trattoria will make you feel as if you were dining in the home of a typical Italian family. Guests are warmly received by the excellent staff. Recommended: Dominican seafood dishes, or homemade pasta dishes. Closed on Mondays. Telephone: 829-664-1694.

“Bamboo Restaurant:” This cozy restaurant features the best French dishes in the area. The Chef’s specialty is the Chaucroute of the Sea, made with cabbage, milk sauce, potatoes, shrimp and fish fillet. Delicious desserts also available. Telephone: 829-410-1326.

Playa Dominicus

“Da Elio Restaurant:” This is by far one of the region’s most popular restaurants. Its specialty is Sicilian cuisine. If you’re hoping for that perfect seafood dish, or Sicilian-style pasta, then this is the right place for you. Recommended: all fresh pasta dishes. Hotel Cabanas Elke. Telephone: 829-570-0034/829-860-5434.

“Tracadero Restaurant:” This restaurant offers a truly heavenly ambiance from where guests will not want to leave. The restaurant specializes in Mediterranean cuisine, offering an array of seafood dishes, with more than 40 varieties made with Caribbean crab. The restaurant is surrounded by lovely gardens and a breathtaking waterfront. The restaurant offers day passes for all who want to spend the entire day in this beautiful restaurant. It also features a swimming pool. On Saturdays there is live music and on Thursdays there is a beach party, with bonfire included. Telephone: 809-833-0339.

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