Tourist Arrivals Jump by 9.3% During January-June 2014

During the first semester of 2014 the number of non-resident visitors to the Dominican Republic jumped by an impressive 9.3%, compared to the same period in 2013. Between January-June 2014 the number of tourists traveling to the country grew by 201,884.

During the first semester of this year Dominican airports handled 2.3 million foreign non-residents.

During this same time period in 2013 the number registered was 2.1 million.

Punta Cana’s international airport was the country’s busiest terminal, receiving 1.5 million tourists. This number represents 66.1% of all total international arrivals in the country.

The Las Americas International Airport handled 16.7% of all arrivals; Puerto Plata, 9.1%; Santiago’s International Airport, 3.8%; La Romana and La Isabela (Santo Domingo’s local airport), 2.7% and Samana’s international airport handled 1.6%.

Through Punta Cana’s international airport some 183,167 foreign tourists arrived over the same period in 2013, distributed as follows: 103,984 (U.S); 12,388 (Germany); 11,559 (Russia); 8,355 (England); 6,930 (Puerto Rico) and 6,915 (Venezuela).

The month of June 2014 revealed that North American visitors to the Dominican Republic grew by 10.9%, maintaining its position as the number one generator of tourists to the country.

More than 22,000 visitors arrived during 2014 than during the same time period the previous year.

However, the South American market registered the fastest growth during June 2014 (22.1%).

The most significant numbers were registered by Venezuelans, Colombians, Chileans and Brazilians.

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