Summer 2014: Delta Raises to 10 Its daily flights to the Dominican Republic

Delta Air Lines continues to bet on the Dominican Republic, and is celebrating its tenth year of uninterrupted service to the country by increasing to 10 the number of daily flights between New York City and Atlanta to three of the country’s most important international airports.

Currently, Delta flies into Santo Domingo, the Dominican capital city; to Santiago, the country’s second largest city and to Punta Cana, the Caribbean’s most important tourism destination.

The Santiago airport, situated in the country’s second largest city, currently receives the largest number of daily flights from the U.S., with five daily flights from New York City’s JFK International Airport.

Into Santo Domingo, the capital city, Delta operates three daily flights from JFK and one flight from Atlanta, Georgia.

From Punta Cana International Airport the U.S. airline operates a daily flight from New York, and two from Atlanta.

In all its operations Delta uses 737 jets with capacity for 170 passengers.

From its hub in Atlanta Delta operates 950 daily flights to 224 destinations, including non-stop service to 66 international destinations.

The United States is the Dominican Republic’s most important generator of tourists. In 2013 some 1.5 million Americans traveled to the Dominican Republic by air.

During the first five months of 2014 approximately 736,823 Americans traveled to the country through its international airports.

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