Popular Dominican Hotel trade show to be held in Punta Cana in September

The Barcelo Bavaro Beach Convention Center in Punta Cana will be the venue where the XXVIII Hotel Trade Show will be held this coming September. The event is organized by the Dominican Association of Hotels and Tourism (ASONAHORES).

The event, scheduled from September 10-12, 2014, will attract individuals and organizations linked to the national and international tourism sectors.

The fair is one of the country’s most important trade shows and certainly one of the tourism industry’s most important events.

Currently the Dominican tourism industry represents 15% of the country’s GDP, and generates some five billion dollars for the economy.

In 2013 some 4.6 million visitors traveled to the Dominican Republic through the country’s various international airports. During the first half of 2014 the number of international visitors grew by more than eight percent, nearly three times the number the World Tourism Organization had predicted for the Caribbean region.

ASONAHORES states that its fair is the best way national and international tourism-related businesses can become familiar with the country’s tourism products such as hotels, restaurants and other tourism-related businesses.

The event will feature national and international experts, seminars and workshops. For more information: mercadeo@asonahores.com and embresia@asonahores.com.

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