Organic Coffee Festival 2014 in the country’s southwest region

The 10th annual Organic Coffee Festival (FESTICAFE) will be held from August 1-3 in the town of Polo, on the country’s southwest region.

The festival has turned into an innovative and socio-cultural event in the Dominican Republic. This year, the festival will be dedicated to the renewal of the coffee industry and protection of the environment.

The town of Polo is situated in Barahona Province, in the country’s scenic southwest region.

The fair provides local farmers, artists, companies and related institutions with the space they need to promote their products.

Also, the fair also includes exhibits, conferences, coffee tastings, as well as cultural presentations.

The town of Polo, on the country’s southwest region and situated 740 meters above sea level, is known for its scenic mountains and cool climate, the perfect combination to grow world-class coffee.

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