International tourists will spend more in Punta Cana than anywhere else in the Caribbean

Punta Cana, the Dominican Republic’s most important tourism destination, is by far one of the most visited Caribbean destinations says the most recent edition of the Global Destination Cities Index 2014, published annually by MasterCard.

During 2014 international visitors are expected to spend US$2.4 billion in the Punta Cana region, the highest expenditure projected in the entire Caribbean by the publication.

Surprisingly, the figures indicate that tourists will spend more in Punta Cana than in such destinations as Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Montevideo and Quito.

Although Punta Cana does not register the highest number of tourist arrivals in Latin America, it is clearly the number one region where tourists spend the most.

The popular Caribbean destination, situated in the Dominican Republic’s eastern region, is followed by Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires.

“The figures indicate that the number of international arrivals to Punta Cana has increased in recent years, and that is why we see as a great opportunity continuing to help facilitate the growth of credit card use in the travel and tourism industries,” noted Delma Reyes, MasterCard’s general manager in the Dominican Republic.

MasterCard’s Global Destination Index classifies 132 cities throughout the world by the number of visitors they receive and their spending patterns.

Punta Cana’s International Airport handles approximately 60% of all tourists visiting the Dominican Republic.

In 2013 some 2.5 million non-resident travelers visiting the country, representing 63.6% of all arrivals through the country’s international airports.

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