Puerto Plata’s Tourism Sector Creates Quality System for Tourism Services

Puerto Plata, the most important city in the Dominican Republic’s north coast, will now be able to rate the city’s many tourism-related services with a quality monitoring system. Created by the city’s Tourism Cluster, and co-sponsored by the Inter-American Development Bank, the system will rate the services provided by tourism companies with “base,” “silver” and “gold” certificates. So far 44 tourism service companies have been issued the quality certificates.

The “Badge of Quality” certificate is issued to companies that voluntarily comply with the “Quality Tourism Services Certification System.”

Hotels, travel agencies, tour operators, food and beverage services, transportation, tour guides and artisans can opt for the quality certificates issued by the System, which provides three award categories. So far, 44 tourism service providers in Puerto Plata have been issued these quality certificates.

Personnel from these companies participated in training courses on local culture, tourism awareness, food and beverage management, business development, customer service, hygiene, first aid, service quality and other related issues.

The goal is to provide national and international visitors traveling to this north coast city with the best quality service available.

The Tourism Cluster of Puerto Plata is part of the program “Tourism Management based on Natural Resources,” sponsored by the Inter-American Development Bank.

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