Enjoy the Flavors of the World in North Coast Community of Las Terrenas

Las Terrenas, on the country’s northeast region, has brought together the very best culinary flavors of the world. Situated in one of the country’s most beautiful regions, this small piece of paradise has become a multicultural village, bringing together the very best flavors of Italy, France, Canada, China, Japan, Mexico, Peru, Spain and Argentina. The following list of restaurants, put together by ACCESSDR, will provide visitors to the region with the best national and international cuisine in the region.


Located in the “Balcones del Atlantico” resort, and operated by a first rate Peruvian chef, the restaurant specializes in seafood dishes, such as the typical Peruvian “ceviche,” a delicious soup-like dish consisting of a mix of shrimp, squid and fish. Top on the menu: “Spaghetti Samana” or “Grilled Dorado,” served with a corn puree, grilled zucchini and lentil soup. Telephone: (809) 252-0963.

Los Pinos:

This little treasure of an Italian restaurant, managed by Andrea Benedetti,is situated next to La Dolce Vita. Chef Lorenzo Alessandrellim has made a name for himself in Santo Domingo where he opened the once popular Angelo’s, in the Colonial Zone, and later Julieta and Trattoria Francesco. The restaurant’s menu features some 47 top-rated dishes and is changed every three months. Music features the best of blues, jazz and classical. Telephone: (809) 707-2871.

“El Pan de Antes:”

If you love bread, then a visit to the French bakery is a must. In operation since 2005 at the Plaza Kanesh, the bakery offers the best breakfast option in town. Its French butter and Belgian chocolates are to die for. Telephone: (809) 657-2414.


Situated “Pueblo de Pescadores” plaza, where some of the town’s best seafood restaurants and pizza shops are located, the restaurant has been in operation for the past 16 years. Owner Martin will provide guests with the best Spanish tapas, paella, grilled meats and pizza. Telephone: (809) 240-6885.

Colonial Risto Lounge:

Another important recommendation, also found at the “Pueblo de Pescadores” plaza. This Italian restaurant is the perfect romantic getaway. The restaurant makes its own pasta and its risottos are strong. Some 60 dishes are included in the menu. Telephone: (809) 974-3920.

Atlantis Restaurant:

Situated in “Playa Bonita,” it is the perfect spot to enjoy a lunch prepared by Chef Gérard Prystasz, who was once a member of the Elysee Palace staff of chefs. Telephone: (809) 240-6111.

Baraonda Restaurant:

Situated in the Hotel Alisei, the restaurant is known for its modern and creative international dishes. Telephone: (809) 240-5555.

Estela Bay:

The restaurant is situated in the breathtaking “Playa Coson.” Managed by Dominican Ramón Emilio Liriano, the restaurant is simple and modest. But, when it comes to its dishes it is a powerhouse of taste and creativity. His dishes reflect the flavors of Samana Province: plenty of coconut milk, almonds and lemons in many of his seafood dishes. Telephone: (809) 540-5555 / 829-260-7024.

La casa del Gelato:

This ice cream shop features some 100 homemade flavors, all made with sugar cane. Some flavors are made with whiskey, amaretto, melon, lemon, pineapple, mango, apple, peach, yogurt, passion fruit and bananas. You can also opt for their frozen-cocktail.

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