The Dominican Republic on the Lookout for International Investors

The Dominican government announced a special investment event that will attract international entrepreneurs looking for investment opportunities in the tourism industry of the Dominican Republic, as well as in other important sectors.

The international event is scheduled to take place in Santo Domingo, the capital city, during September 4-5. The event will coincide with the opening of the JW Marriot Hotel, the chain’s luxury. Organized by the Center for Export and Investment of the Dominican Republic (CEI-RD), the two-day event will feature speakers such as Carlos Slim, owner of Latin America’s most important telecommunications company and one of the world’s richest entrepreneurs.

The First Investment Forum is organized by CEI-RD, the government agency in charge of promoting foreign investment in the Dominican Republic. Some 500 potential investors, from 50 nations, are scheduled to participate in the event.

To date, this will be the first international event of this magnitude to be organized by the Dominican government. The goal is to attract foreign capital to the country’s tourism, agribusiness, manufacturing and services sectors.

The program will include conferences of investment opportunities and will schedule private business meetings between potential investors and local sector representatives.

Invited speakers will represent some of the world’s most important companies, such as: Carlos Slim, Chairman of America Movil (Mexico); Felipe Vicini, president of the Vicini Consortium, and José Luis Corripio, president of the D.R.’s Corripio Group. These last two speakers are the CEO’s of the country’s two largest business consortiums. latter two captains of two of the largest business groups with investments in Dominican Republic.

The Vicini Group is involved in tourism, transportation, agribusiness, energy and real estate projects. The Corripio Group has investments in media outlets, food and beverage industries, among others.

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