The “Dominican Treasures” List Continues to Grow

The list of tourism-related businesses and activities certified as “Dominican Treasures” continues to grow in the Dominican Republic.

Adventure trips that support the preservation of biodiversity in the Dominican Republic, and programs to raise awareness regarding important sustainable tourism practices were some of the requirements established to receive “Dominican Treasures” awards. The following list features the names of many of these tourism-related establishments, as prepared by the Dominican Tourism Competitiveness Consortium (CDTC). The list includes alternative authentic Dominican tourism goods and services.


Whale Museum

The museum provides all the necessary information regarding the humpback whale, “Samana’s Permanent Guest.”  The museum’s objective is to raise awareness regarding these magnificent mammals, and encourage their continuous protection.

Museum hours: Daily from 9:00 a.m. to Noon, and from 2:00 -5:00 p.m. Entrance fee is US$2.00 for international visitors, RD$100.00 for Dominicans.  All contributions are used for scientific monitoring of the whales.

Address: Avenida La Marina, Samaná.

Phone: 809-538-2042

Whale Samana

In the special tours around the Bay of Samaná, with specialist Kim Beddall, visitors can fully enjoy the presence of the humpback whales. It is the only tour company featuring an educational program in four languages ​​(Spanish, French, English and German).  The tours hope to raise awareness among spectators that observing these endangered mammals is much more important than hunting them.  During the tour Bendall collects scientific data which is later used by the Center for Conservation and Eco-Development of Samaná Bay and its Environment and by the International Whaling Commission.

Address: Calle Mella, Samaná

Phone: 809-538-2494


La Romana – Bayahibe

Heart to Heart Foundation

The foundation’s main objective is to improve the quality of life of children and adults in the La Romana area, on the country’s eastern region. The foundation runs a literacy program for teenagers and adults and offers music lessons and classes in painting, jewelry, sewing, embroidery, baking and gardening. These products are sold by the foundation to raise money in its own store, as well as in trendy boutique shops in the country such as the Jenny Polanco Boutique, Fiori, hotel gift shops and shopping plazas and malls in the La Romana- Bayahibe region.

Address: Carretera La Romana, Kilometer 13, Punta Cana

Phone: 809-833-0544


Dirección: Carretera La Romana/Kilometer 14, San Pedro

Phone: 829-755-5054 (5052)

Cumayasa Sky Adventure

The Cumayasa Sky Adventure is situated between the eastern region towns of San Pedro and La Romana, near the Cumayasa River.  The center specializes in eco-tours. There are 1.6 miles of canopy, with double cables for safety; the Cosmic Pendulum swing; adventure bridges; ecological bridges for easy access to nearby areas; canoes; fishing; buggies; volleyball; as well as other entertainment options managed by a fully bilingual staff.  Visitors can opt for a tour package that can include lunch in the thatch-roof restaurant that comfortably seats 160 guests, or at the BBQ area near the river bank.

Address: Carretera La Romana / San Pedro Kilometer 14

Phone: 829-755-5054 (5052)


Laguna Bavaro

This region is said to be the “lungs” of the Bavaro region, on the country’s easternmost region. The lagoon is home to 223 species of native and endemic plants and 86 species of birds.  The lagoon is also home to the Cyprinodon Higuey, a fish found only in this particular lagoon.  Guests visiting the lagoon can enjoy kayaking (up to 12), paddle board, hiking, bird watching and fishing. All these activities provide visitors with information on the importance of preserving the environment.

Address: Cabeza de Toro, Veron – Punta Cana Municipal District, La Altagracia Province

Phone: 849-214-0977


The Sugar Route

This eco-tourist educational tour provides visitors with a glimpse of the initiatives and social responsibility efforts carried out by the Central Barahona Foundation, of the Central Sugar Corporation.  The tour features four guided tour stops.  The first stop takes the visitor to the fields where the sugarcane is planted to the cutting and transportation process.  A tour is also provided through the various projects carried out by the foundation in nearby communities.  The tour ends at the Consortium central offices, where visitors are given information on the history of the company.

Address: Calle 1ra. # 1, Villa Central, Barahona

Phone: 809-524-3421 ext. 232/247


“De Mi Siembra” Arts and Crafts

This local shop is known for the production of delicious organic jams, made without preservatives or artificial colorings. The jams are made of local fruit, such as: guava, mango, passion fruit, banana and various varieties of oranges.  The products are made by a women’s co-op from Barahona Province, on the country’s southwest region.  The women also make jewelry from natural products found only in the province. The project gives added value to the natural resources found in the region and generates employment for many local women.

Address: Avenida Feliz Nolin, La Cienaga, Barahona Province

Phone: 829-560-3560


Rancho Platón

“Rancho Platon” is an eco-lodge boutique designed through the concept of “Bio-Climate and Sustainable Architecture.”  The project features four different styles of cabins for a total of nine bedrooms that can accommodate up to 40 guests. The project also features horseback riding, tubing, slides, camping, hiking, kayaking and mountain biking.

Address: Paraje Platón, Municipio Paraíso, Barahona

Teléfono: 809-383-1836/829-886-1836


Santo Domingo

Porcelain Museum

The only one of its kind in Latin America and the Caribbean, the museum aims to preserve and feature the rich history of ceramics. The museum is located in a century’s old residence in Santo Domingo’s Colonial Section. There are 10 exhibition galleries, featuring delicate ceramic pieces and porcelain figurines from all over the world. The museum has a library specializing in pottery, china and ceramics, and a repair shop for delicate art pieces.  There is also an outdoor patio for hosting cultural and recreational events.

Address: Jose Reyes # 6, Colonial Zone, Santo Domingo

Phone: 809-688-4759 / 809-697-3075

Amber Museum

The Amber Museum provides the visitor with everything there is to know about the amber stone. Visitors receive all information through an inter-active system that will take them to the very origin of the stone.  The museum shop features the delicate work carried out by the artisans who create amber and larimar jewelry set in gold and silver.

Address: Arzobispo Meriño Street #452, Colonial Zone, Santo Domingo

Phone: 809-682-3309 / 809-686-5700


Meson de Bari

In its 35 year history, the Meson de Bari Restaurant has become an icon of the city’s Colonial Zone. The menu specializes in typical Dominican cuisine, all served in an environment where the main focus are the paintings made by Dominican artists. The restaurant is located in a colonial residence, and seats some 100 customers. It is famous for its variety of fried “yucca” patties stuffed with seafood, meat or cheese, as well as its goat stew and rice.

Address: Arzobispo Meriño #452, Colonial Zone, Santo Domingo

Phone: 809-689-5546/809-860-0098

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