Enjoy Santo Domingo’s Cultural and Outdoor Activities

The Access DR team has put together a list of fun and exciting places to visit for those who want to spend their weekends and holidays in Santo Domingo.

The attractions are many, catering to different tastes and budgets.

The reason for the list will provide the growing number of individuals who like to stay in the city during important holidays or on weekends.

The AccessDR team provides a list of fun and exciting places where guests can enjoy themselves depending on their own personal budget.


It all began in Santo Domingo, the first city of the Americas, back in the late 15th century. Most museums in the city’s Colonial Section provide audio tours.

Museum Hours: Daily except Mondays, between 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

Most Important Museums in the Colonial Section:

Alcázar de Colón: The original home of Diego Columbus, Christopher’s brother and the first Governor of the island. The home features over 800 period pieces.

Entry Fee: RD$100 (Approximately US$2.50)

Address: Plaza de España Square

Telephone: (809) 682-4750 / (809) 221-1737

Casas Reales Museum: Museum exhibits feature 500 year old paintings and objects that tell the story of the Colonization period.

Entry Fee: RD$100 (Approximately US$2.50)

Address: Calle Las Damas

Telephone: (809) 682-4202

Museum of the Dominican Family or Casa de Tostado: This museum is dedicated to the Dominican family and highlights its cultural and historical values​​.

Entry Fee: RD$100 (Approximately US$2.50)

Address: Calle Arzobispo Meriño Street

Telephone: (809) 689-5000

Santo Domingo’s Cathedral of the Americas: The Cathedral features hand-carved stone and precious wood details, a collection of antique pieces adorned with gold, pearls, diamonds and silver.  The structure is one of the capital city’s most important architectural treasures.

Entry Fee: RD$60 (Approximately US$1.50)

Address: Calle Isabel La Católica

Telephone: (809) 682-4750

The Dominican Convent: This was once the home of the Dominican Order in Santo Domingo.  Beautiful jeweled pieces, colonial architecture and art. It was in this church that Spanish priest Fray Antonio de Montesinos delivered his famous sermon, asking the Spanish crown to free the slaves.

Entry Fee:  RD$60 (Approximately US$1.50)

Address: Calle Padre Billini

Telephone: (809) 683-1817

Memorial Museum of the Dominican Resistance: The museum is dedicated to the struggles carried out by Dominicans to overthrow the Trujillo dictatorship.

Contributions: Dominican adults RD$100.00 (Approximately US$2.50); International adults RD$150.00 (Approximately US$3.25); Children 4-12 years and adults over 65 RD$50.00; Students RD$25.00

Address: Calle Arzobispo Nouel#210 (a few yards west of the Cathedral of the Americas)

Hours:  Tuesday to Sunday 9:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Other Museums Around Town

Museum of Dominican Man: Situated in the city’s Cultural Plaza, the museum highlights Dominican culture in all its forms and diversity.

Entry Fee: RD$100 (Approximately US$2.50)

Address: Plaza de la Cultura (Cultural Plaza)

Telephone: (809) 687-3622

Museum of Modern Art: Exhibits on Dominican modern and contemporary art.

Entry Fee: RD$100 (Approximately US$2.50)

Address: Plaza de la Cultura

Telephone: (809) 685-2154

Outdoor Activities

The city of Santo Domingo also offers a host of outdoor places to enjoy:

National Zoo: The Zoo covers 1.2 million square meters. It is a natural reserve for 82 species of plants, as well as exotic and endemic animals.

Hours: Tuesday – Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Entry Fee: RD$60.00 children and adults RD$100.00 (Approximately US$1.25 and US$2.50, respectively)

Website: www.zoodom.gov.do

Address: Avenida Arroyo Salado Avenue, north section of Santo Domingo

Telephone: 809 541-5652

National Botanical Gardens:  This protected area offers visitors the possibility of stepping into the very heart of nature.  The perfect spot for a fun family day.

Hours: Daily from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Entry Fee: Adults RD$50.00, Children RD$40.00 (Approximately US$1.25 and US$0.90, respectively). Admission includes museum and train ride.

Address: Los Altos del Galá, north section of Santo Domingo

Telephone: 809 385-2611

Website: www.jbn.gob.do

National Aquarium: The aquarium is home to some 250 marine species that live in and around the Dominican coasts, and features some 90 tanks and seven ponds of fresh and salt water. Its main attraction is the underwater tunnel walkway that gives the visitor the feeling of being under the sea.

Address: Avenida España #75, San Souci, Santo Domingo

Telephone: 809 766-1709

Website: www.acuarionacional.gob.do

Zipline Park: Visitors to the park will enjoy zip lining, paintball, bungee jumping, wall climbing and a batting cage. Special rates available for birthdays, corporate groups and schools.

Address: Duarte Highway, Kilometer 22 “Rancho Tio Pancho”

Telephone: 809 412-1161

Website: www.ziplinepark.com.do

Bike Club: Bike rentals at the Mirador Sur park, the city’s most important park.  Bikes available for the entire family.  Open daily.

Address: Avenida Anacaona, Mirador Sur Park

Telephone: (809) 223-5073

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